January 16, 2017

MESSAGE "Deeply In Love" (one of my favourates☺)

"Let us lay aside all filthiness of the flesh ... all that hinders, all that drags. 
Consider it a joy to be free ... to become free in Me, your ever-loving Lord! 
I delight in setting you free!
I delight in cleansing, in restoration, in delivering, in healing.

I will restore all the lost years ... you will see.
It will all be worth it one day. 
It is a thing of My doing, says the Lord.

I am come to set the captives free. 
I have made provision. 
I call. 
I cleanse. 
I bind up. 
I heal the broken. 
I cleanse the wounds and bind them up in My love. 
I prepare a balm, a spiritual ointment;  to pour out upon your wounds and hurts.

I seal up your scars, that they may never reopen.
I set you upon a new path  ... a whole new way .... another road, another way of life, of living. 
You are now on this journey with Me ... we ride together. 
We are (as) one. 
I am in you. 
I am manifesting Myself unto you.
I will continue to reaffirm my love for you.

So ... My afflicted and storm-tossed ones ... fear not!
Fear not, says the Lord. 
Cast your cares upon Me ... often.
I will bear your burdens with you and for you.
I will carry you. 
I will lift you up. 
My arms are not shortened that they cannot save, rescue and carry.

I gently cuddle and caress My littlest, weakest lambs. 
They are ever precious to Me. 
I hear their pitiful whimpers and bleats. 
I see them, from afar. 
I will be at their side the minute they are separated from their flock, from their mamas and papas. 
They will sense My nearness.


Yes, rest. Rest in My love. 
Bask in My heart beat. 
Love Me.
Love yourselves, at last! 
YOU are worthy of love!
YOU are My heart's desire! 
I am deeply in love with you .... each and every one of you! 
I am bursting forth with My Holy love !!
Be free in Me. 
Let My love drive out all fear.


Wonder not of My love, of My devotion ... for it is true, it IS real!
I will not leave you comfortless ... I will come to you.
I know where you are ...  I am there.



Think it not a small thing if I say I love you.
Do you not sense My love?
I am calling you .... seeking you out ... wooing you. 
I am like a Dove, cooing and singing to you ... drawing you near.
It is okay, I will not hurt you, as others. 
I am your Redeemer ... your Saviour ... your Friend of all friends!
I am your 'bestie' ... your best friend forever! 


Listen for My heartbeat, My heart song. 
You will hear it among the tree tops, as the winds rush across them at night fall.
 I am in the songs of the birds and the (in) the rustle of the grass...as in the gentle brook, cascading down the mountain side.
I am the baby's giggle ... the old man's hearty laugh .... and the diva's song. 
I am in your guitar strings, your drum beats, your voices as they sing.
I am within the clouds ... inside the waves of the sea ... and resting in the sparkling snows.
I am here... I am there ... I am.
I am.
I am your First love...and your forever love.


Grace is free.
Mercy is free. 
Love is free. 
Salvation is free. 
Forgiveness is free.
I am free. 
I am free... I am available at no cost.
I am open and available to ALL.
I stand on the solid rock ... I am your firm, solid foundation.
I will not waver in MY love for you.


If you stumble and fall, be relieved that I will not cast you aside.
I will forgive and I will help you ... set you on your way, as a good Samaritan.  
I do not condemn ... I rescue, heal, deliver, teach, restore.
I am not as an angry Pharisee.
Faith, My faith;  works by love ... not by force.

The Spirit brings freedom, not slavery.
Be free in Me! 
Be joyful in Me .... in My perfect love for you.
You will not find another such as I.
I am yours ... and you are Mine."


~~Message heard on 2/11/13 beginning @ 5:13am

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in Him was life

in Him was life