July 9, 2016

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horrific times in America

Tha Crossroads Lyrics - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

MESSAGE "A Whisper & a Shout"

 "I Whisper and I Shout"

"I have power to give life ... and to take it away.
I create storms ... and (I) calm storms.

I open the mouth of the dumb (the mute)  ...  and I make the wise talker silent.
I condemn and I justify.


I still (quiet) the raging sea  ... and I send tempests. (tumultuous upheavals)

I save and I destroy.
I whisper and I shout.


I hasten (hurry) ... and I wait.

I am in all (all in all),  above  all,  and am all.  I am that I am.  I am.

I bring comfort ... and I bring distress.  I make diviners mad ... and I restore sanity (to the repentant.)
(diviners = mediums, psychics, sorcerers, etc.)

I send locusts ... and I send doves.  I bring the sweet spring rain ... and I bring the floods.

I give (you) songs in the night ... and I bring the death rattle.

(^ self-explanatory)

{Note:  I just write what I "hear" in my mind/spirit)


Consider the fowls of the air.  Now think about the rhinoceros.  Did I not create both?
Both are products of My invention.


Spiders.  Snakes.  Ladybugs.  Butterflies.  (I like variety in My creation.)

Juniper trees.  Chestnut trees.  Begonias.  Dandelions.  (More variety ...)

Black skin.  White skin.  Asian.  Indian.  (My people are varied also!)


Fauna and flora.

Stars, planets, galaxies.

Sandy beaches, barren vistas.
(vista = view, scene, landscape, scenery)


Jagged mountain ranges.

Serene countryside meadows.

Rushing rapid waterways.

Still, calm, trickling streams.

Tropical, lush, rain forests.

Arid desert lands.
(See? More and more variety...)

The more you learn of Me, the more your vision will be enlarged.
The Creator cares for His Creation.  The Creator cares for you.


Do not fear eternity.  It will be wonderful for you.  It is  wonderful now.
It is timeless.
There is no death in My Heaven.  No sorrow, no pain, no loneliness.
It is Paradise."


####### from a message 'heard' on 10/16/2004

(justify = to pronounce judgement upon, to bring justice to, to defend)

in Him was life

in Him was life