December 31, 2016

MESSAGE "Hopeless?"

  {From a series of short messages, called "8 days of Hope"}

Day 1
Isaiah 40:29  "He gives power to the faint;  and to them that have no might, He increases strength."


"Yes, I  give power to the weak, and I give My strength to those with no might of their own. 
I am strong when you are weak.
I give hope to the hopeless.
I give strength to the weak and down-trodden.
I give joy where there is no joy.
I give peace where there is no peace.

When all natural means have been exhausted,
I offer supernatural power. 
I give you My love when you feel no love.
I give forgiveness when no one else will. 
I give you a new beginning every morning. 
I give you ideas when you are at a dead end.

I give life where there is only death and despair.
I give light where there is only darkness. 
I give you a future and a hope. 
I give your life meaning and value, when all seems lost. 
I give you breath to breathe.

I give you My supernatural (above the natural) power to go on, even in the most trying of times ... and the most tiring of circumstances. 
I am your strength.
I am your power. 
I am strong when you are weak.

Rest in this hope."

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in Him was life

in Him was life