March 8, 2016


Thank You!


Thank you!  HELLO to our first visit from FINLAND! (land of my relatives!)

Special thanks to  
MALAYSIA (wow...lots of views from you in past ).... and RUSSIA (most all-time readers☺) ... and GERMANY ... and SERBIA ... and FRANCE ... and AMERICA .... with the top amount of consistent readers ... hope the messages are encouraging /interesting /intriguing to you .
Thanks to ALL of you ... ☺

Readers from all over the globe: 

 France, India, China, Belgium, Uganda, Israel, Spain, Uruguay, Singapore, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Philippines, Taiwan, Barbados, Italy, Lebanon, Albania, Panama, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Uganda ,Jamaica, Austria, Hong Kong, Romania, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Vietnam, Peru, Sweden , Mexico ... and Columbia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Thailand, the U.K., South Korea, Brazil, Poland, Canada, Azerbaijan, the Ukraine, Australia, El Salvador, Bangladesh, Venezuela.

May our awesome Father God bless you each with His power, presence, peace, signs, ideas, wonders, dreams, patience, prophecies, miracles, money, safety, deliverance, wisdom, compassion, mercy and anointing, grace, faith, and -----LOVE ... and may He & His Angels keep you safe, humble, compassionate, forgiving, strong, wise, and calm in 2013 & 2014 soon-to-be-here ... and beyond....every day of your lives.♥
From what I - { and TRILLIONS of other HUMAN MESSES-- throughout the ages } - have personally experienced, He (JESUS) is REAL (!!) ... HE IS REAL FOR YOU...and He is here for ANYONE (whosoever!!!!!!!)--- anyone who wants Him.

Even if you don't believe, try it out...just talk and ask for God to show Himself to you.  See what happens....
>>He will not force Himself on you. <<
God is Love.
Love covers ALL our sins. He forgives ALL. He will forgive ANYTHING....and ANYONE. Never give up .... but, if you do ..... try again. It can be hard but there is always a spark of hope somewhere.

I pray that you each find Him in your life, if you are looking for Him. (And even if you 'hate God' and are totally hardened, apathetic, numb, cold, bitter, hate-filled, etc; and full of rage and pAIN...I pray for you the MOST. I can relate...)

And, I appreciate any prayers for myself...I need them very much. I pray for ALL who visit feel God's LOVE, real power ... His awesome presence.

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in Him was life

in Him was life