February 25, 2016

MESSAGE "In The Night Seasons"

******* "I will instruct you in the night seasons.

*** As far is the east from the west, so far have I taken your sins away. You are a new creature. Listen now ... I tell you the truth...it is no lie. I come to set the captives free. My anointing breaks (the) yokes. You are free in Me.

***** Simplify your life. Do not allow stress to rob you. Continue in My Word. Listen for My voice. Seek My perfect will. Join together with Me and see victory.

 ***** Forget past struggles and failures. Determine to know Me.

***** Swallow your pride. Let humility clothe you. Forsake wrath. Climb higher with me. Soar to new heights. Love Me.

Yes, I will do a new thing.

***** Guard your heart(s). Still your soul(s). Learn from Me...(for) I am meek and lowly in heart. My yoke is easy.

***** Sound the alarm (as I lead you). Let nothing be done for vain (selfish) glory. Let no man glory in My presence. I will not share My glory with another. Seek to know Me in My fullness...My entirety.

***** Follow Me. I am your Good Shepherd. I will guide you with My eye. Crucify the flesh daily. My Word is *alive*. It will help you. It will speak to your situation.

***** Humble yourself in My sight. Do not forget to entertain (to help) strangers: such may be My angels. Do not worship angels. They will be withdrawn ... if idolized.

***** Count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations. Let patience have it's perfect work."


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in Him was life

in Him was life