January 17, 2016


Isaiah 41:10  "Fear not, for I am with you:  don't be dismayed;  for I am your God:  I will strengthen you;  yes, I will help you;  yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness."


"Do you believe I will help you?  Do you trust Me?

 Do you know Me enough to totally trust Me with everything?  If My people would only learn of Me - in truth - and not what some angry zealot says!

If only  they would consider My wisdom,  My creative power,  My gentleness,  My humanity  (as I am Jesus),  My Spirit,  My Majesty,  My generosity,  My kindness,
My patience,  My forgiveness,  My compassion,  My healing, My deliverance,  My Presence,  My friendship,  and My Lordship.

If only they would run to Me with their questions ... instead of men and 'wise' advisors!  If only My Body was operating the way I had intended!

I realize you are so very weak, but you have been deceived.  Man does not have the answer.

 The works of man are futile, in comparison to My excellent Counsel ...brought forth continually by My Holy Spirit.  I need *counselors* to lead souls to Me and My truth.  I need people to know the simplicity and child-like faith I had prepared for them to live by.

If any can hear Me ... please listen.  Please help those weaker than yourselves, but do it in love, not by condescension or control.

If you can't hear Me yet, find Me in My Word.  I speak through My Word.  (Read Isaiah 41:10 again.  I mean it.  It is for you now.)"


zealot  =    fanatic, extremist, radical, fundamentalist, anger-driven adherent
futile =  pointless, vain, useless, ineffective, powerless, dead
condescension =   arrogance, haughtiness, snobbery;  attitude of patronizing superior behaviour; insulting
deliverance =   rescue, liberation, freedom, release, relief
Jesus =   God in the flesh; Emmanuel ,"God with us"

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in Him was life

in Him was life