December 3, 2015

MESSAGE "Love Me Now"

"there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is one of death.
so it, so it will's ways are not my ways--do you not know this by now
i am that i am...i am//i am the first, the last--i am your all-in-all---i am, i was, and i will be
i am your protector...your defense...your love....your friend--i am your 'first love'

you have (not) known a love such as mine
i give
i give you my love
i make myself known to you
you know me
you feel me
you feel me when i am near--
you hear me
you hear my whispers
you hear my words of love
you hear me  you hear me now

you love me
i know
i see
i know that you me
i love you
i love you
my love will carry you
it is for YOU-- i am on  your side
if i am 'for' you (then  who can be against you?)
--i loved you EVEN when you were deep in your sins--and i have never stopped
i will love you forever
 --i want you to know this, deep in your spirit--in your soul--in your heart



let not your heart be troubled--believe in me--
simply 'believe'
then go on from there
--even if you leave me, i am still there--you know i am there
--- i am the friend that never leaves
i don't reject
i don't abandon
i don't mock
i don't abuse
i don't beat you
i don't rape
i don't kill
i don't ignore
i don't ..i don't...i don't.. i don't... i do not harm you--i am not like the men of the earth
-- trust me--try...try again--i will continue my whispers....
i will continue
my 'wooing' of your precious love...i will want you--i will desire you--as a best friend..a 'bff'--
i am YOUR bff--yes i me now"

rough draft/hard to type

'there is a way that seems rith to a man, but the end therof is one of death.
so it, so it will be...mans ways are nto my ways--do yoiu not kinomw this by now
i am that i am..i am//i am the fist, the last--i am yoiur all in all--i am, i was, and i will be
i amyoiur protector...your defenser,,your love.your feinfds--i am yoiur first love'

you have jknown a love such as mine
i give
 i goiv eyoiu my love
 i make myself known to you'
you knoiw me
 you feel me
you feel me when i am near'--
you hear me
you hrear my whispers
you hear my words of love
you hear me  you hear mne now

ypou lov eme
i konw
 i see
i know tha tyou ,.love me
i love you
i love you
my love will carry you
it is dfor YOIu'-- i amo  yoiur side
if i am 'for'; yoi=(then 0 who can be agoiasndst you?
--i loved yiu REVEN when yiu were deep inj yhouer sins--and i have never srtoipped
i will ove you dforever
 --i want you to knwo nthis, deep in yhour spirit--in your soul--in your heart


let not your hjeart be toubled--bleive in me--
simply bleive'
'then go on from there
--even if you leave me , i am still therere--yuyou know i am there
--- i amthe frind that never leaves
i dont reject
i dont abasndomn
i dont mock
i dont abuse'i dont beat you
i dont rape'
i dont kill
i dont ignore '
i dont ..i dont/./.idont i dont i do not harm you--i am not like the men of the earth
-- trus tm--try...try again--i will continur my swhisperts..
i will continur my 'wooing' of your precious love...i will want youi--i will desire yhou--as a best freind..a 'bff'--
i am YOUR bff--yes i me now"

MESSAGE "Fat Sheep"

"My people have grown fat with hearing.
They eat and eat and eat ... and are never satisfied.
They have more than enough of My Word in them.  Their spirits are overflowing with the Word, and with countless teachings.

They know all about church, church ways and other religious methodology.
They are stuck on this.
They are *fat* with learning.
They know enough to go on ...  to go out into the world ... into the harvest ... the great harvest of souls that are awaiting.

This is not a joke of any kind.
This is reality.
This is life and death.
Hell is real.
I AM real.
I am the ONLY Answer to mankind's problems.  I repeat, I AM the ONLY answer.  There is no other way.


My church - My body - My people;  are over fed, even gluttonous, with the church ways...the church ways and the religion of man.  The tradition spirit.  The religious spirit.  The ways of man.  Cast down these ways.

Be free of the weight that so easily entangles!  Let go of earthly cares and concerns ... for the cares of the world will choke out the fruitfulness of My Word in your life.
Yes, yes, yes;  you know My Word.  You've memorized it --  Yes, I know and see (that) you know My Word.
But, do you know how to apply it?
Do you know how to use it?  Do you do what I say?

Do you DO My Word?  Do you really DO what I say, or do you push it aside, considering it of  little  importance?


Does the intoxication of riches, baubles, gems, merchandise, food, television, sports, sex, music, prestige, worldly honor, fashion -  and other worldly ways - make Me seem dull and boring in comparison?
What is My significance in your life?
What do I mean to you?  I ask you again:  WHAT DO I MEAN TO YOU?

Am I merely a type of *get-rich-quick scheme*?  a *rabbit's foot*?  or a *good luck charm*?  Am I one of your superstitions?  Am I a good luck charm to you?  Do I compete with your psychics?  Your tarot cards?  Your horoscopes?
Your astrologers?  Your teachers?  Your many, many teachers?
Which doctrine do you believe?
WHO do you listen to?
Who speaks to you?  Do you know?
 Do you really know?


Stop and think of your soul ... your eternal spirit.  Will you lose your soul over temporal pleasures?
 Over *things*?
Will you gain the world and lose your soul?
 Will you heap riches to yourself, or, will you LOSE YOURSELF and gain My gift of eternal life?
{Writer's note;  to "lose' yourself means to deny yourself;  to have God as top priority, above all other things}

Will you deny yourself for Me?  It may seem impossible, but it is not.  If it were, I wouldn't ask you to do it.  My yoke is not a grievous burden.
 I am not like the Pharaoh of old. 
I am not Satan.
 I am kind and merciful and full of gentleness, grace, and mercy.  I am always be there for you ... I will never leave you or forsake you.

Your mind may tell you different, but those *vain imaginations* must be cast down  and must be done away with.
The truth is from Me.
 The lies are from Satan.  He is the Accuser, the great liar, the enemy of your soul.  I am your Rescuer.


I am your lifeline.  I will save you from the works of the enemy.  I am there for you ...


Reach out to Me.  Reach up to Me...worship Me.  Know that I love you.
As you worship, you release high praises that cast down the enemy.  Your songs, your praise...keeps the demonic forces away.
The truth will set you free ... it is a freeing experience that I have given you.  When you know My truth, you will be set free ... you will know true freedom.

You will know what real life is.  Many of you only know a little about Me.
If you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me.
Turn to Me and I will turn to you.
Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.  I reveal Myself to those whose hearts are true before Me ... who will reach out in honesty and speak to Me from their hearts.

 No need to pretend.  Be free of pretense.


You can be open with Me.  Meet Me in your secret closet ... I will be waiting for you, and also reaching out, back to you, during each day.


My peace is for you.
It is for you, My people, My children ... My peace, that passes understanding, will keep your hearts and minds .... through My Son Jesus Christ ... and by the power of My Holy Spirit.  My peace I give to you."

####### {apparently, from The Father}

Word = Bible

~~~From a message dated 12/30/1996

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in Him was life

in Him was life