October 29, 2015

U2 - Three Sunrises

Spirit of the rising sun, lift me up

Hold me there and never let me fall

Love me 'til I die, my heart won't wait

Soon I will be done

from me

whether i live or whether i die, he is still my lord...he is my all in all...he is the lord who heals me...he is the lord who allows me to suffer...it is he, who made heaven & earth...it is he, the most high one, the most glorious lord--i call him my saviour, yes--but i also can all him my friend--my best friend--he is there when no one else is--he is beside me, always with me, no matter what--those that don't know him, mock him...and mock me...when i feel alone and in despair, sometimes i even mock him...and mock myself--but, years later, days later, whatever--i always come back to him--i cannot ever forget him...i cannot forget how he touched me...lifted me up out of such horrible places in my mind...i cannot deny him...i may mock him, hate him, get tired of waiting for him, but i still believe --i still believe, deep down, that he is indeed real---and that he loved me before... and will love me again--i cannot just leave him...he is there--he is a part of me--my soul has been awakened--i am aware now--i may forget him for long periods of time, but he is always there...far back there--in the back of my mind...he says...i'm still here...and i still love you.

The Who - Love reign over me

god is love

TobyMac - Lose My Soul

"Made New" from Lincoln Brewster (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

"Oxygen" from Lincoln Brewster (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

in Him was life

in Him was life