April 15, 2015

MESSAGE "Army of Love"

Psalm 6:6-19   "I am weary with my groaning;  all night I make my bed swim;  I drench my couch with my tears. (v7)  My eye wastes away because of grief;  it grows old because of my enemies.  (v8)  Depart from me, all you workers of iniquity: for the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping.  (v9) The Lord has heard my supplication; the Lord will receive my prayer.   (v10) Let all my enemies be ashamed and greatly troubled;  let them turn back and be ashamed suddenly."


"Hear my prayer, Oh Lord, oh God ...  attend unto my plea ... hear the cry of my heart.  Let Your kindness come near (to) me ... to all who need You right now.

Cause me to hear your voice, oh God. Let me come near to You, to Thee, once again.  Draw me unto You ... walk with me again. Jesus ... JESUS!!! ...  please hear me now ... let me feel your sweet presence .... let me fall before You ... let me know You are here .. .here with me ... with me ... oh GOD, OH MY GOD ... quickly answer me ... somehow, Father God, let me into your courts, your wonderful kingdom,  Your precious awareness ... let my atmosphere become infused ... come down, come down, oh Holy one ..." 
{Writer's note: Inspired prayer ... I wrote what I heard}


"Rebels! Rebels  ... to go ... you are summoned ... you are being called right now ... the King has spoken and He desires to meet with you ... He asks for your heart ... He asks for your heart to be broken ... to break, to split- before Him ... He sees you, sees your pain, your, misery, your sleepless nights ... He feels it ... feels the darkness closing in on you, every time ... every single time ... He feels what you feel.

-pause-  (words coming so fast)

Success is not measured in dollars ... nor fame, nor power, nor popularity. It is measured by Me ... I am your only judge, your advocate  ...  I plead your 'case'  before My Father... I speak well of you, I show your weakness, I show your reasons *why* you have done something ... I am your defense, your Holy defense attorney. I plead mercy for you.  I plead mercy before My Father ... for you. "

4:47am  continued


*Creature comforts* only satisfy so much. The drink, the smoke, the body, the food. ... only go so far.... then you are left WANTING again. It is an endless, pointless cycle of madness, you say, you think.  Life is a grand scheme of endless madness sometimes. It is never-ending ... a loop of continuing , repetitious events. It is round and round, and around again. Over and over and over ...


Man has adapted himself to this mindless drivel,  this infinite scheduling ... for he is fearful ;  he is fearing the unknown, the not known. He fears change, fears death.  He loves his tidy little life ...  of simple conformity and repetition.  He demands others follow suit, (that) others be like him.  He wants EVERYBODY to suffer like he does. He want *misery to enjoy his company*.

So many follow the leader(s), so to speak.  They 'go along with crowd' ... to 'fit in'.... to 'belong' ... to 'be one of the crowd'.  They will stubbornly follow a blind man, even into a ditch.  (*Blind leading the blind...*)


Sundays in the United States often implies *church*...church-going. This is a regularly scheduled event. It is on a timetable, timed and primed, ready to go at the proper hour.  It is an established tradition, a way of man, a way of religion. It is the *thing* to do. It is a product of habit, of habitual human nature, of religious ritual and repetition(s),

It is not (always) of Me ... it may not be Me at all. WHERE do I fit into this grand scheme of religion? Where am I in all this?

Yes, yes, yes ... so many flaunt My name in their 'closed sets', in their 'stage show', in their 'traveling circuses'. Yes, yes, they spout off My name like it was theirs ... like they actually believed it {Ha..Holy laugh}


Man does not need to live on bread alone, on the fleshly alone. It is My Spirit that brings YOU life ... that gives you supernatural manna, as it were, to feast upon.  It is My portion, My blood portion, that sets the sinner free from his guilt. My blood will bring power to the evilest man, the vilest woman, the worst of the worst.


It (His Blood) knows no bounds ... It frees, it delivers, it heals, it renews, it brings back to life.  My Blood is for you ... for every person upon the earth .. .for those in past ages, and for the near future souls.  My blood was shed for YOU. It is significant (important).  Do not disregard My blood.


I am your shelter from the storm ... I calm the raging of the seas, of the winds.  Simple faith in Me can bring down the most violent storm system. I can send bolts of powered lightning into your atmosphere, with a mere thought, or a glance upon you.   I shoot My arrows at the earth, at the enemy ( Satan). .. at the skies, at the clouds. I cause down-pours and swift windings. I see far, far, far above -- and beyond--- your earthly realm ... beyond your human borders ... into eternal, galactic horizons and environments. I see into space, as well as back through space ... back into time .. .and way far ahead, into future time.  I can see before  ... and beyond.

5:10am (tired/back hurts)


Some of you are in deep. In deep.... Into things you never dreamt of, never ventured (into) before. Some of you are trapped ... are drowning. .. are sinking ... are stuck in the mire, in the miry clay. It is not surprising to Me .. .no, not at all. I see it all, from  the beginning ,... to the end. I see your struggles, your lust, your poison, your evil, your destructive ways, your pride, your self-will, your enjoyment, your deep pleasure, your utter rebellion, your contempt for Me, your fear, your terror, your fear of death, your fear of boredom, your fear of failure, and your fear of man.


I will grant unto you the keys ... the keys to life, to death. You can use them to open up a a spiritual door... into life, or into death. They are eternal keys, eternal doors, eternal ways. The ways of life are light, love, humility, honesty, holiness,.  The keys, the ways of death are evil, dark-hearted, empty, destructive, damning, satanic in nature.

My ways help .. .help you.  The enemy's ways are harmful, detrimental, deadly, deceiving.

I know you are 'but flesh'  .... you are only (of) flesh. I see the weakness, the utter weakness you possess. It is no surprise to Me. I see it all. Nothing is *shocking* to Me. I am observant to ALL man's ways.

So, I will be gentle... I will meekly ask ... I will be a kind, kind Friend to you now.  I am searching. .. and seeking .... looking far... mustering up My troops ... My love army... My cadets, My warriors, My generals, My soldiers of ALL ranks. I call you ... I call you My friends. I call you as brothers, as sisters. I call. I call. I call."

ending of message @ 5:19am
began listening & dictating @4:40am

I John 2:1    "My little children, these things I write unto you, that you sin not.  And, if any man sin, we have an advocate with  the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous!"

My Deliverer-Rich Mullins

"jesus heard the whole world cry"

in Him was life

in Him was life