March 5, 2015

History Maker - Delirious

MESSAGE "He Cleans Us Up"

"A sinner saved by grace.  That is what you are.
My grace, My mercy, has pardoned you ... has *let you off the hook*.
You are forgiven of all sins.

You are cleansed from the power of sin.
Sin has no more dominion (power, ownership, rule) over you.
I have overcome the power of sin and death.
My sacrifice (Jesus' death) has made a way for you ... for all.

He has died, so that you may live. His death brings life.


Let all the earth adore Him.  He is their King.  He is worthy of all honor and praise. Let all them which name the Name of the Lord say so.
Let them shout (out) His glorious Name! Let them sing and shout for joy! Let all the world know of our glorious King ... for, yes, indeed, He is Most Worthy.

Worthy is He ... worthy is the Lamb...worthy is the Lamb that was slain.  Worthy also is His blood.  His blood was shed for you ... for every one of you.
His sacrifice has brought YOU eternal life.
He is your great Defender ... He has *bargained* with The Judge ... to get you leniency ... to get you (a) pardon ... to gain your release, your eternal freedom!

He is your Mediator (He = Jesus Christ).
The Son of God is your Lawyer.
He has presented your *case* to His Father ... (the Judge).
If you have *signed* the deal, and agreed to its humble terms, then you are eligible for the *eternal benefits*.
You will receive LIFE EVERLASTING ... when you pass from this life to the next.

 (*Note:  Do not presume to know IF a person is going to Heaven, or not. We are not to judge...God sees the hearts, and He has great mercy. We are NOT God!)


What God has cleansed, let no man call unclean!  I am the *washer*... I do the cleaning.
It is My job to *clean house*.... that is, the soul and body.
I  will purify you, as you come (unto) Me.
I will lead you.
Let My love open some doors for you.  I am well able to supply your needs.
When a person has come to Me, I will (then) proceed to begin the *cleaning* process ... the restoration, the freeing, the cleansing.
This is a process, usually.

Do not fret over your past.

Do not allow the evil one (Satan) to condemn you.
He is a liar, and an accuser! He is also a great thief ... stealing lives, careers, health.
I despise him, with a holy hatred.

He needs to be put down.
He knows that his time is short, so he has begun a full-fledged effort against you,  and all who earnestly follow Me.
If you seek to follow Me, you WILL face opposition of some form.

Don't be amazed when people reject you.
They are ignorant of Me, of My Spirit.

They know not what they do.
If they only would seek Me, I would (surely) show Myself to them.
I yearn to be part of people's lives ... to sit amongst them, to talk and listen, to dine, to commune, to take the bread and the wine.
 (In remembrance of Him ... Communion.)


So, yes, My grace is sufficient for you ... for ALL your sins.
It is also enough for the sin of the whole world.
My grace is sufficient for you, for all.
My blood covers all.
My forgiveness is available to ANYBODY.

Search high and low for Me,
says the Lord,
for I am like unto a pearl of great price
... costly and rare."

#######message heard 2/10/13 @ 7:31am ... ending @7:58am


Skillet - Savior

MESSAGE "Send Them My Love"

   5:08am  4/19/14

"Send My love.....send forth My love....tell them.....tell them of My love.

For you see, they don't know (of) My love.....they do not know Me, nor My love for them.  I have great, great love for them for you.  I AM love.

I came to set the captives feel my know Me.

i did no come to establish *house rules* and impossible regulations.  I am free, I am freedom.

My Spirit goes where there is freedom.....freedom to express Himself, despite the circumstances.  He is FREE......(and) you will be free, as you follow him, and seek His liberty & refreshing freedoms.

I came to earth to give life...abundant, full, happy life.  Man rejected Me, as then, he does now; as they (people) do.  I am still the *Man of Sorrows*.....I am yet rejected, despised, well-acquainted with grief.

I love you.

I love you more than you could ever comprehend.


Generations have refused Me, have denied Me, have diluted and tried to extinquish My messages.  They have attempted to drown out My voice.  They have tried to replace Me with their dull, constrictive religions.

BAH! I will have none of it! I am NOT part of their *sequence*....their *program*....I am NOT!


Just as the apple fell from the tree in the Garden, so has the world fallen from My paradise. My hope for them, for the world; was for peace, for love, for prosperity, for great fellowship amongst the nations.  Yet, it is not so, no, not at all!

I grieve over you, My children, My peoples of the worlds.  I grieve, I sigh, I cry,.. I want to hold you, to hold you close to My ever;lasting  arms of love and protection.....yet you will will not come to Me!

I call forth all who are needy.....all who need love. It is simple. if you need love, you need Me.  I am your dwelling place, your shadow of refuge, your refuge . I am that place for you.

I have a special, secret place for each of you......for each soul.  I see each of you, as you are.

My peace is not of the world, no.  My love and My peace are a supernatural thing. I am from above, and I bring down My love from that high place......I bring it for YOU.

Cast your cares and worries upon  Me......I will help you *carry* them, as it were.


Listen. You might hear Me."


message ended @ 5:19am


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in Him was life

in Him was life