December 3, 2015

rough draft/hard to type

'there is a way that seems rith to a man, but the end therof is one of death.
so it, so it will be...mans ways are nto my ways--do yoiu not kinomw this by now
i am that i am..i am//i am the fist, the last--i am yoiur all in all--i am, i was, and i will be
i amyoiur protector...your defenser,,your love.your feinfds--i am yoiur first love'

you have jknown a love such as mine
i give
 i goiv eyoiu my love
 i make myself known to you'
you knoiw me
 you feel me
you feel me when i am near'--
you hear me
you hrear my whispers
you hear my words of love
you hear me  you hear mne now

ypou lov eme
i konw
 i see
i know tha tyou ,.love me
i love you
i love you
my love will carry you
it is dfor YOIu'-- i amo  yoiur side
if i am 'for'; yoi=(then 0 who can be agoiasndst you?
--i loved yiu REVEN when yiu were deep inj yhouer sins--and i have never srtoipped
i will ove you dforever
 --i want you to knwo nthis, deep in yhour spirit--in your soul--in your heart


let not your hjeart be toubled--bleive in me--
simply bleive'
'then go on from there
--even if you leave me , i am still therere--yuyou know i am there
--- i amthe frind that never leaves
i dont reject
i dont abasndomn
i dont mock
i dont abuse'i dont beat you
i dont rape'
i dont kill
i dont ignore '
i dont ..i dont/./.idont i dont i do not harm you--i am not like the men of the earth
-- trus tm--try...try again--i will continur my swhisperts..
i will continur my 'wooing' of your precious love...i will want youi--i will desire yhou--as a best freind..a 'bff'--
i am YOUR bff--yes i me now"

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in Him was life

in Him was life