December 3, 2015

MESSAGE "Love Me Now"

"there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is one of death.
so it, so it will's ways are not my ways--do you not know this by now
i am that i am...i am//i am the first, the last--i am your all-in-all---i am, i was, and i will be
i am your protector...your defense...your love....your friend--i am your 'first love'

you have (not) known a love such as mine
i give
i give you my love
i make myself known to you
you know me
you feel me
you feel me when i am near--
you hear me
you hear my whispers
you hear my words of love
you hear me  you hear me now

you love me
i know
i see
i know that you me
i love you
i love you
my love will carry you
it is for YOU-- i am on  your side
if i am 'for' you (then  who can be against you?)
--i loved you EVEN when you were deep in your sins--and i have never stopped
i will love you forever
 --i want you to know this, deep in your spirit--in your soul--in your heart



let not your heart be troubled--believe in me--
simply 'believe'
then go on from there
--even if you leave me, i am still there--you know i am there
--- i am the friend that never leaves
i don't reject
i don't abandon
i don't mock
i don't abuse
i don't beat you
i don't rape
i don't kill
i don't ignore
i don't ..i don't...i don't.. i don't... i do not harm you--i am not like the men of the earth
-- trust me--try...try again--i will continue my whispers....
i will continue
my 'wooing' of your precious love...i will want you--i will desire you--as a best friend..a 'bff'--
i am YOUR bff--yes i me now"

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in Him was life

in Him was life