December 27, 2015

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Rowlett, TX Tornado 12-26-15

FLORENCE + THE MACHINE - Live Zénith Paris 22/12/15 All you need is love

MESSAGE "Not In The Manger Anymore"

I John 4:13  "Here we know that we dwell in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of
His Spirit."


"I am more than a cliche.  I am not a myth, or a fairy tale.  I am not a cute little children's fable.  I am not an imaginary 'man upstairs'.    I am not an evil punisher up in the sky.  I am not a weakling.  I am not a fantasy or super hero.   I am not a television show.

I am not the baby in the manger anymore.

I am not a glassy-eyed flake.  I am not a conservative, right-wing politician.  I am not a hate group.  I am not racist.

I am not a woman.  I am not a goddess.  I am not even a man.  I am God.

I am  Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who was born supernaturally into the earth, lived in the form of a human, died, rose from the dead.  I  was God in human flesh:  Emmanuel.

I am the Almighty God, the  Ancient of Days, the Most High God, the Holy Father. I am the Trinity:  Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

I am Spirit.  I am the Mighty Counselor.  I Am.  I am the first and the last:  the Alpha and the Omega. I was, I am, and I am to come.  I am from the beginning, and have always been.

I am the good Shepherd, who lays down his life for the sheep.  I am life eternal.  I am the way, the truth, and the life.

I am love."

MESSAGE "I Alone Love You"

"Do not lean (rely on) the arm of (the) flesh.  Do not put (your) trust in men.  I alone am your God.
There is no other God besides Me.  There is no other name given among men, whereby they may be saved.  That name is Jesus. (Yeshua)

The name ABOVE ALL names.  At the name of Jesus EVERY knee shall bow ...(and) every tongue - every mouth - shall proclaim I am (the) Lord.

Yes, I AM the King.  The eternal King.  THE King of kings.  My Word stands.  I send My Word to accomplish My will.


You do not need *qualifying* grace from men.  *I* am your qualifier.  *I* am your source.  *I* AM the eternal power.  I AM the fountain of all life.  I AM the rivers of living waters.  I AM the glory.  I AM the peace of mankind.  I AM the way ... the truth ... (and) the life.


*Somebody call a doctor*.  I AM The doctor.  I AM the cure for all (your) life.  I AM (your) *ultimate destination*.  I AM both beyond reach ... and most readily (easily) accessible.  I AM the Lord.


So, do not worry for (about) tomorrow.  I hold tomorrow for you.  I hold eternity.  I hold (up) the stars in the night sky.  Yet, will you not trust Me?  As you find Me more and more, your trust will expand.

You have seen the shaking(s), (the *vibrations*).  You have felt this source, this power.  Oh, My power is what (has) created the world, the atmospheres, the planetary systems.

Oh, world, let Me be.  Let Me show Myself.  Let Me be your Father, as I had planned.  Let Me move among you.

Yes, world;  yes church;  you DO INDEED HINDER ME,  says your Lord.  Your neglect and hatred for Me is evident.  Your disgust in (for) My Word is plainly seen.  You shut Me down in your lives, in your church services.  I LONG to move and to be your loving Father, YET you (do) quench Me!  This is a rebuke, a reproof, a *warning*.

I am not able to do many works - many miracles- ... due to your UNBELIEF.  You squeeze Me into your little, cramped, tight, small, confining, life-killing, Spirit-quenching scenarios.


But, but, but ... I am *one-step-ahead-of-you*!  I am not a *jack-in-the-box* at all!  I am NOT subject to your whims.  I AM not relegated to man's orders.  I will be as I am (I am that I am).

I am well able to see that My Word takes flight.  I send MY Word ... My messengers take it.  I give (out) My Word is (then) written, spoken, digested -as it were.  I stir up My Word to those who seek Me.{writers = scribes}


My glory I will not share with another.  My Glory is Me.  My glory is My presence ... My power ... My fear ... My awe ... My holiness.  It is visible, tangible, life-giving, awe-inspiring, Holy bread.

It is Jesus among you.  It is My Holy Spirit come to give you My gifts.  It is My Holy Being shown (to you).

My glory is extravagance.  It is Divine.  It is Holy.  It is Heavenly.  It is Life, and it is good.  It is *God*.  (Give the Lord the glory due (to) His name.)"


###### from words  *heard in the Spirit* on 4/15/29009 @ 7:43pm

The Winans: A Friend

The Winans - It's Time

well it's time to make that change,
people of the world today are fading;
all of us have our ups and downs,
you better think about it or you won't be around.
what we need is a little bit of love,
sent by one from heaven up above,
take it from "T.", it's simple and plain,
this ain't no game, you know what I'm saying?
it's time, time to make a change,
we are the people who can do it.
It's time, time to make a change,
we are His people, we can do it.
what is the world coming to,
seems like everyone is running from the truth;
we must stand up and fight,
walk into the light,
we're the people, we can do it, if we try.
i know we can do it,
somebody asked me why 
do we have to go through it?
it's just a test of our faith,
what we're living day to day,
we don't know where, we don't know when,
but He's coming back again.
jesus is spreading mighty fast,
earthquakes are moving through the land;
it ain't nothing but a sign,
gotta make up my mind,
we're the people, we can do it, if we try.

December 25, 2015

MESSAGE "My Broken Family"

{I keep hearing, through out the day ..."My family is broken up ..."}

"My family is gone ... My family is broken up ... split up ... scattered ... dispersed ... strewn-about.

A family should be together...(it) should work together ... play together .. .love together. I am sad, I am sad ... My family is gone.  I am lonely.  I need My children, My family, about Me, around Me.


Where are they? where is My family, My loved ones, My people ... ?  I see them ... I see them, scattered, broken, bruised, hurt. I see My blood, My flesh, My body... (They) are all over the world ... but they are apart.

My family is hurting ... they are cold ... they are sick ... they are lonely .. .they are in need. They suffer ...they cry ... they silently endure. My little ones suffer the most;   for they do not understand their lives.  Let them come to Me ... let them know of Me, of My love, of My love, of My love.

As a gentle shepherd lovingly cares for his flock of worn sheep, so do I care for My sheep, My lambs, My infant lambs.

I grieve to see the condition of My flocks upon this earth. I grieve, I grieve.


Surely I did not intend this to be.  My intent was for peace, for security, for gladness and joy. I never wanted this misery upon the earth, upon My creation. I do not ever want such suffering ... for any creature: human or animal. I planned a world, a place, a paradise .... for My family... My human family. I love you all so much ... in ever intended such chaos for you.  Hear My heart, hear My heart.


So why do you rebel and turn form My love? Why do you run? why do you resist Me?  Why do you turn to other 'loves' ... other 'lovers' ... other gods and idols of your fancy? Why turn from the One who loves you so?

I see (that) you are all deceived, to some degree ... that is the way of the world.  It is a world of deception, of falsity, of mirages, or illusion, of delusion, of thwarted imaginations.

I seek to save you ... I came to 'seek and t o save that which was lost ... that would be YOU!  I  am the saver ...  you are the ones needing Me ... I came ti rescue you, to give you a better life...



{new subject?}

The fire is in the furnace.
What does that mean, you ask?  It implies a refining ... a purification. Yes, many of you are laden with sins, with excesses, with fleshly desires, with unabated hungers and appetites .. .all to satisfy the flesh, the mortal man, the natural man.  That is to be expected ... I see the ways of the body, of the flesh, of the sexual excess, of the gluttony, the greed, the anger, the hatred. I see ALL the many, many, varied *works of the flesh*  .... there are MANY!

Yes, I am well acquainted with ALL your weaknesses, oh man, oh woman ... oh child.  I see it all. I see it all. I know all about it ... about ALL of it. I see, I see.


So how can such an unholy, vile, sordid, evil generation ever expect any goodness, any help form Me? I will show mercy on who I choose. My rain, My mercy... falls on the just as well as the unjust .. .on the innocent, as well as the guilty.  I am no *respecter of persons*... that means I  am not partial, I am not biased ... I do not show favoritism as humans do,.

I offer (My) love, My mercy ... to all ...  I will rain upon the whole earth ...  I will send My floods of love to all .. .to all ...  to all!!

I assure you, people of the earth ... I will visit you ... in your time. I will meet with you ... I will let you into My covering of glory and grace.  You will experience it ... you will (then) KNOW that I am who I said I am!


It is so easy to judge others, from the outer appearance, or from their 'sin life'.  WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE?  I am the only judge ... I will mete out any judgement, in My way, on My day. I am a fair, merciful judge. I love justice ... I love defense ... I love meting out good, fair judgement.  Judging can be good, can be fair, can be beneficial. I am your defense, whether you know it or not.  I am your defender in this life.

I am your mediator ... between you and My Father.  I am the law giver. I show you, by My Spirit, what the 'laws of My Spirit are' ...
how they are 'written upon your hearts'...yes.

I supernaturally engraft(ed) My laws upon your hearts, as you offer yourselves to Me;   as you give Me access into your hearts and souls and spirits.  I take your hard, darkened, jaded hearts of stone ... and turn them into soft, bright, pliable, spiritual hearts of flesh, of My flesh!

You then become flesh of My flesh! We are then true spiritual family, as I always intended!


If you see (or sense) a brother or sister is in trouble ... then pray for them.  Ask Me to help them ... do not presume to know all the details. The details are My business ... I will help them privately.

Send My love to all. Send practical help, if possible! Ask of Me, ask of Me ... what should I do, Lord? what can I do? A simple gesture of honest kindness can be very life-giving!

If it in your ability to help someone, please do it! Do things in secret, if you can. Let no one boast of their giving. Let Me reward you, at the opportune time of My choice.  The humble will be lifted up.


I am free. I am free to all. I am a free God .... Where My spirit is, there is liberty.... .there is real freedom! I am free as the wind! I rush through the skies! I am unhindered, at My supreme place. I am the Most High, yes, but I am with you, here, now. I am the God who sees, who feels, who empathizes.

Turn your words of hatred into words of reconciliation. Let your anger be turned to meek agreement ... and into newly-forged alliances.  Let there be new unity! Let  there be a coming together of peoples, of individuals, of My lost ones, of My lost and battered sheep.

Let the unity be (as) a foundation for the beginning of My out-pourings ... My fresh flow of Heavenly manna ... coming down upon My beloved family ... My creation, for indeed, I have come for all ... I am come for all of you.

I love all of you.

Wait ... and seek ...  and wait again ... for Me.

 I will visit.

 Do not miss the time of YOUR visitation!"

from  3:40pm 3/2/14

Michael W. Smith - signs

Daniel Amos - 3 - Hole In The World - Motorcycle (1993)

December 14, 2015

Desperation Band - Rescue

You are the source of life
And I can't be left behind
No one else will do
And I will take hold of You

I need You Jesus to come to my rescue
Where else can I go?
There's no other name by which I am saved
Capture me with grace, I will follow You

You are the source

You are the source of life
And I can't be left behind
No one else will do
And I will take hold of You

'Cause I need You Jesus to come to my rescue
Where else can I go?
There's no other name by which I am saved
Oh, capture me with grace

And I need You Jesus to come to my rescue
Tell me, where else can I go?
There's no other name by which I am saved


Oh, capture me with grace, I will follow You
I will follow You, I will follow You

This world has nothing for me
I will follow You
This world has nothing for me
I will follow You

This world has nothing for me
I'm gonna follow You
This world has nothing for me

And I need You Jesus to come to my rescue
Where else can I go?
There's no other name by which I am saved
Won't You capture me with grace?

Lord, come and capture me with grace
Capture me with grace
I will follow You
I will follow You

Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel

December 13, 2015

Natalie Grant- Held

Natalie Grant- Held

Kazanlak Gypsy Church Meeting Dec. 2015

twenty one pilots: Stressed Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


"The time has come for war. War in the spirit. War between good and evil, between God and Satan. This is real. This is real life.

Get ready. Get your armor ready. Polish it up. Put it on.

Let Me be your Leader...your General...your Commander. I will give you strategy. I will lead, if you will follow. I know all the secrets...all the inside information....I know it before it happens. Come to Me...listen....breathe Me in...let My power envelope you...let Me *be* you...let Me transform your weakness into strength. Arm yourselves with My arsenal...My battery...My fuselage...My powerful weaponry. I am stronger, smarter, wiser, more capable and more able than your enemies.


So, who are your foes, your opponents? Do you know who your enemy is?

Satan, or the Devil, is real. He is your mortal enemy. He is also your supernatural, spiritual enemy. But he makes his mark on the physical, too. He is well able to hurt your bodies. He is an expert at destroying minds. He hates all humans, as he hates Me. He is NOT your friend, no matter how alluring he is.

He works by deceit, by lies. He appears as an "angel of light"...or a "good angel". He says all the right things at the right time. He is a master of coincidence. He is smooth, slick, handsome (if need be), clever, ultra-intelligent and a winner-it-seems.

The devil is not a myth, not a cute story. He has made the world laugh... and to think of him as a harmless cartoon. This is a grave mistake; to believe he is harmless and funny. He is no comedien...he in pure evil, total degradation and filth.
He will drag you through the mud, through the slime and putrid alleys of his manure and stench. He thrives on lies, fantasy, errors, half-truths, apathy, cruelty, apprehension, fright, panic, etc. He is no one to pal around with. Better to be alone than to have him as your friend.


Other enemies of your soul are ego, pride, greed, sloth, laziness, apathy, gluttony, hate, etc;....the things that bear heavy burdens upon you. They may start out as "neutral" things in your lives, but (they) end up as controlling and shackling. No on wants to be in slavery, in bondage, held captive.
No one wants to be captured by something or someone. Sins, destructive habits, addictions, etc;...all control and enslave your every waking moment. Fear is the worst offender. Fear paralyzes. Lies. Destroys. Cripples. Fear is one of the very worst of the human being's opponents in life.


I, your Lord and your Rescue ...will help. I will help. I am here to help you....all of you...anyone who asks...I will help.

Call upon Me and I will answer you...I will be your help in time of need...I will be your strong and high tower...your shield...your Armor. I will be your Knight, your prince, your strong Saviour, your ally, your war lord...I am He."

####### Heard on August 21st, 2012


fuselage = the main body of an aircraft, excluding the wings, tailplane, and fin

arsenal = a store for arms, ammunition, and other military items;
a workshop or factory that produces munitions;
a store of anything regarded as weapons

battery = ( military) two or more pieces of artillery used for combined action; a tactical unit of artillery

knight = a man, usually of noble birth, who -after an apprenticeship as page and squire- was raised to honorable military rank and bound to chivalrous conduct

Mandisa - Overcomer

December 7, 2015

Understand - Jeremy Camp

MESSAGE "Full Of Goats" (their pride is their god)

2:57am 12/7/15

"the churches are full of goats
yes, i have made the distinction of the sheep...and the goats...
 the sheep are mine...the goats are not
 the sheep may be 'dumb'...yet they follow
 the goats appear 'smart'...but their rebellion is costly

goats want their own way...they kick, they are belligerent
sheep are also selfish...but they eventually go back to their flock..their pastures..their shepherds

you may wonder what the main difference is this:
 goats=symbolic for evil, proud, selfish
sheep=weak, vulnerable, need rescuing

if one does not see the *need* for salvation...for rescue...for healing...for safety...then, there is no need for a savoir...a shepherd...a rescuer

if the self-reliant *goats* have no needs, then why would they look for a helper//for a savior..for a deliverer?

it is the sick that seek a doctor, not the well

many think they are *okay*...they see no need for any such savior

they (mistakenly) think they are *ok*


such is the church
such are the ones who call themselves by My name

they assume My identity within them, but i am not there
their pride is their god
as was their leader ...satan

many shall say to Me, 'lord, lord'--but i will say ' i never knew you'

such are the false ones
 the ones in churches
 the ones who proclaim MY name...yet deny it

their ways are NOT My ways at all, says the Lord

--- come out of them
 come out of the dead
 come out of the death camps..the yards of the dying

a so-called *church* is not My home, says the Lord

i live in the individual hearts
 the souls
 the spirits

 where the love is, i am there

i dwell among the love
 among the kind ones
 among the compassionate

 i resist the proud ones
 i turn away from the arrogant
 the self-sufficient
 the ones who have no need of Me

yes, they may claim My name
but they are not Mine, says the Lord

my spirit is one of liberty
of love
 of undying kindness
 of drastic compassion
of deliverance
 of hope
of justice
 of loving
 of truth

i do NOT dwell among the angry ones
 the ones of hate
 i abhor their words, used in My name

 i am NOT among them, says the Lord

 yes, they may grow strong
 and they will be loud
 YET i am not amongst them

---  so where will you find Me

i am in the winds
& among the river banks
beside *still waters*

 i am in the song(s) of the bird

i am here, NOW

 i am in your heart
 in your soul
 i hear the seeking heart
 i never turn away
 the seeker

i will love you
i am LOVE

yes, you may not ever find Me in a *church*

sometimes i am there
yet, mostly....
 i am in the stillness
and in the thunders
in the clouds
 and in your deep hearts

for I am your deep Love
remember Me

MESSAGE "Lead Me On"

Matthew 28:20b  "...lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."


"When one is accustomed to rejection, abandonment, and loneliness, (then) true loyalty is extremely difficult to accept and believe.
This is where trust and faith come in.
When one has never felt lasting devotion and love, (then) the reality of loyalty is often initially disbelieved (unbelieved).


When one has been regularly betrayed and offended by a brother, (then) they are prone to become hardened in their emotions.
(brother = either familial relative or spiritual)


When one has been (the) subject of cruel, malicious, lies and gossip, (then) they are less apt to receive warm, considerate, displays of concern and compassion.

When one has been consistently neglected, ignored, and left out ... (then)  they have special trauma and anxiety in social settings ... and any relational situations.
Many who are hurt viciously withdraw -- and will accept no love.

(Writer's note:  They may *withdraw* into alcohol, drugs, food, isolation, anger, over-working, non-personal sexual acts, promiscuity, pornography, etc.)


But!  Have you not heard? I AM the Friend that sticks closer than a brother!  I am the Friend of the friendless!
I am the One who will listen ... who is your confidante.
I am never too busy for you ... I am more than able to care for each of My children individually.

I am all-seeing:  omniscient.  I am intricately involved in each of your lives!
I will NEVER leave you! I will NEVER abandon you!
I love you! I love you!


You need not feel ashamed or guilty to be happy!
So many of you have been put down by family, peers, churches, and society.

Many of you have been dragged through the mud ... and have been left to die.
In response, some have died.
(To die =  in various ways ... physically, spiritually, emotionally)

Many have adopted defensive personalities, and destructive lifestyles .... but many have just shut down.
Their minds have been ripped apart by Satan, the world's coldness, and (then, ultimately) ... their own deception.)

But! I have come to seek and to save that which was lost ... that which is lost!  I seek My lost sheep ... I'm calling out for My little hurt lambs ... my once-tender children , that have (been) brutally attacked and maimed.

Listen, My precious lambs ... my cherished ones ... I am leading you out!  I am creating a narrow path for you ... to escape (from) the snares of destruction.  I am pulling you up and out of the miry clay!


I am untangling the ropes and chains that have been strangling you.  I am healing eyesight ... for you to see your way out (more) clearly.

I am sharpening your hearing ... so that you can (more) easily identify My voice!
(For there are many voices, many 'shepherds' -- that desire to destroy you ... and to destroy Me.)

I am (also) strengthening legs and feet ... so that you may walk and run skillfully and ably ... you will be enabled to confidently follow Me as I lead!

Most important:  I am giving new hearts ... that you may more readily accept and feel My love!  My heart will become your heart!


As you continue to follow Me ... I will become more and more familiar and real to you ... to EACH of you!  I am the Chief Shepherd:  the shepherd of your souls!

A true, devoted, loving Shepherd will never, NEVER, leave His sheep;  His flock.  He will give his life for the flock.  He will put Himself between the wolf, the beast, the enemy ... and the sheep.  He leads them ... and constantly sees to their safety.  They are well-fed, watered, and sheltered from  harm.

Come in to My fold ... if you are straying ... come back to Me and My fold ... your fold!"

####### from a message 'heard' in Spirit on 12/13/2002

confidante =one trusted with secrets
brutally= in extremely harsh, cruel manner
maimed = cruelly, violently hurt, wounded, attacked
omniscient = knowing all things;   having infinite knowledge

U2 - Beautiful Day with Lyrics

December 3, 2015

MESSAGE "Love Me Now"

"there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is one of death.
so it, so it will's ways are not my ways--do you not know this by now
i am that i am...i am//i am the first, the last--i am your all-in-all---i am, i was, and i will be
i am your protector...your defense...your love....your friend--i am your 'first love'

you have (not) known a love such as mine
i give
i give you my love
i make myself known to you
you know me
you feel me
you feel me when i am near--
you hear me
you hear my whispers
you hear my words of love
you hear me  you hear me now

you love me
i know
i see
i know that you me
i love you
i love you
my love will carry you
it is for YOU-- i am on  your side
if i am 'for' you (then  who can be against you?)
--i loved you EVEN when you were deep in your sins--and i have never stopped
i will love you forever
 --i want you to know this, deep in your spirit--in your soul--in your heart



let not your heart be troubled--believe in me--
simply 'believe'
then go on from there
--even if you leave me, i am still there--you know i am there
--- i am the friend that never leaves
i don't reject
i don't abandon
i don't mock
i don't abuse
i don't beat you
i don't rape
i don't kill
i don't ignore
i don't ..i don't...i don't.. i don't... i do not harm you--i am not like the men of the earth
-- trust me--try...try again--i will continue my whispers....
i will continue
my 'wooing' of your precious love...i will want you--i will desire you--as a best friend..a 'bff'--
i am YOUR bff--yes i me now"

rough draft/hard to type

'there is a way that seems rith to a man, but the end therof is one of death.
so it, so it will be...mans ways are nto my ways--do yoiu not kinomw this by now
i am that i am..i am//i am the fist, the last--i am yoiur all in all--i am, i was, and i will be
i amyoiur protector...your defenser,,your love.your feinfds--i am yoiur first love'

you have jknown a love such as mine
i give
 i goiv eyoiu my love
 i make myself known to you'
you knoiw me
 you feel me
you feel me when i am near'--
you hear me
you hrear my whispers
you hear my words of love
you hear me  you hear mne now

ypou lov eme
i konw
 i see
i know tha tyou ,.love me
i love you
i love you
my love will carry you
it is dfor YOIu'-- i amo  yoiur side
if i am 'for'; yoi=(then 0 who can be agoiasndst you?
--i loved yiu REVEN when yiu were deep inj yhouer sins--and i have never srtoipped
i will ove you dforever
 --i want you to knwo nthis, deep in yhour spirit--in your soul--in your heart


let not your hjeart be toubled--bleive in me--
simply bleive'
'then go on from there
--even if you leave me , i am still therere--yuyou know i am there
--- i amthe frind that never leaves
i dont reject
i dont abasndomn
i dont mock
i dont abuse'i dont beat you
i dont rape'
i dont kill
i dont ignore '
i dont ..i dont/./.idont i dont i do not harm you--i am not like the men of the earth
-- trus tm--try...try again--i will continur my swhisperts..
i will continur my 'wooing' of your precious love...i will want youi--i will desire yhou--as a best freind..a 'bff'--
i am YOUR bff--yes i me now"

MESSAGE "Fat Sheep"

"My people have grown fat with hearing.
They eat and eat and eat ... and are never satisfied.
They have more than enough of My Word in them.  Their spirits are overflowing with the Word, and with countless teachings.

They know all about church, church ways and other religious methodology.
They are stuck on this.
They are *fat* with learning.
They know enough to go on ...  to go out into the world ... into the harvest ... the great harvest of souls that are awaiting.

This is not a joke of any kind.
This is reality.
This is life and death.
Hell is real.
I AM real.
I am the ONLY Answer to mankind's problems.  I repeat, I AM the ONLY answer.  There is no other way.


My church - My body - My people;  are over fed, even gluttonous, with the church ways...the church ways and the religion of man.  The tradition spirit.  The religious spirit.  The ways of man.  Cast down these ways.

Be free of the weight that so easily entangles!  Let go of earthly cares and concerns ... for the cares of the world will choke out the fruitfulness of My Word in your life.
Yes, yes, yes;  you know My Word.  You've memorized it --  Yes, I know and see (that) you know My Word.
But, do you know how to apply it?
Do you know how to use it?  Do you do what I say?

Do you DO My Word?  Do you really DO what I say, or do you push it aside, considering it of  little  importance?


Does the intoxication of riches, baubles, gems, merchandise, food, television, sports, sex, music, prestige, worldly honor, fashion -  and other worldly ways - make Me seem dull and boring in comparison?
What is My significance in your life?
What do I mean to you?  I ask you again:  WHAT DO I MEAN TO YOU?

Am I merely a type of *get-rich-quick scheme*?  a *rabbit's foot*?  or a *good luck charm*?  Am I one of your superstitions?  Am I a good luck charm to you?  Do I compete with your psychics?  Your tarot cards?  Your horoscopes?
Your astrologers?  Your teachers?  Your many, many teachers?
Which doctrine do you believe?
WHO do you listen to?
Who speaks to you?  Do you know?
 Do you really know?


Stop and think of your soul ... your eternal spirit.  Will you lose your soul over temporal pleasures?
 Over *things*?
Will you gain the world and lose your soul?
 Will you heap riches to yourself, or, will you LOSE YOURSELF and gain My gift of eternal life?
{Writer's note;  to "lose' yourself means to deny yourself;  to have God as top priority, above all other things}

Will you deny yourself for Me?  It may seem impossible, but it is not.  If it were, I wouldn't ask you to do it.  My yoke is not a grievous burden.
 I am not like the Pharaoh of old. 
I am not Satan.
 I am kind and merciful and full of gentleness, grace, and mercy.  I am always be there for you ... I will never leave you or forsake you.

Your mind may tell you different, but those *vain imaginations* must be cast down  and must be done away with.
The truth is from Me.
 The lies are from Satan.  He is the Accuser, the great liar, the enemy of your soul.  I am your Rescuer.


I am your lifeline.  I will save you from the works of the enemy.  I am there for you ...


Reach out to Me.  Reach up to Me...worship Me.  Know that I love you.
As you worship, you release high praises that cast down the enemy.  Your songs, your praise...keeps the demonic forces away.
The truth will set you free ... it is a freeing experience that I have given you.  When you know My truth, you will be set free ... you will know true freedom.

You will know what real life is.  Many of you only know a little about Me.
If you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me.
Turn to Me and I will turn to you.
Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.  I reveal Myself to those whose hearts are true before Me ... who will reach out in honesty and speak to Me from their hearts.

 No need to pretend.  Be free of pretense.


You can be open with Me.  Meet Me in your secret closet ... I will be waiting for you, and also reaching out, back to you, during each day.


My peace is for you.
It is for you, My people, My children ... My peace, that passes understanding, will keep your hearts and minds .... through My Son Jesus Christ ... and by the power of My Holy Spirit.  My peace I give to you."

####### {apparently, from The Father}

Word = Bible

~~~From a message dated 12/30/1996

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in Him was life

in Him was life