November 15, 2015

Icon For Hire - Sorry About Your Parents

God Made A Dog (enhanced)

Hamell On Trial - "Don't Kill"

thou shall not kill---god

Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead

>song mocking the false/greedy/arrogant/prosperity/fake religious people

twenty one pilots: HeavyDirtySoul (Audio)

can u save my heavy



twenty one pilots: Goner (Audio)

MESSAGE "He Is Angry"

for every seeker who has searched for Me, in any way...and has been rejected by the church system...i will meet you in a very special way.

i am not held by churches!  i am not enclosed within any walls! why, the earth is my footstool....i am laughing at the pompousness of man!

i laugh at your churches. i laugh at your supposed 'good works' you do, supposedly "in my name".

you are not mine, says the Lord! you are not working for Me! you do not know Me!

i speak harshly to this church , this church system...i do not know you, nor have i ever known you.

you call yourself a 'church'...a church of Mine? says who? not I, says the Lord.

listen.listen. listen.

oh man-made church... you will fall.

you will fall
you will fall


many of you have already fallen. you are fallen from Me...because you trusted in put all your trust in what a man says.

I am not a man. I am ---period...I AM.

I am that I am.

I am.I was. I will be. I.  I am "god"...I am that holy, awesome, supreme, all-mighty force...that super-powered force,,,the force above all others.

yes, you love to parade yourselves before the world...chanting your words, screaming out your opinions...spewing superiority and hatred.

yes, you love to be seen.

you love to be seen by men, by the public. you love the praise of men, of humans, of your "church".

i will spew you out.

i will spew you...SPIT YOU OUT

heard, out-of-the-blue, on march 30th, 2014 @ abt 3:20pm

from the rebel prophet ///me

Beckah Shae - LIFE

"Shake Heaven" Victory World Music feat. Montell Jordan and Beckah Shae

Danny Gokey - Hope In Front of Me - Official Music Video

Dance Remix Circle-Purify-Shout-65DBA

dba (Bubble) - Spiritual Woman

Let There Be Peace On Earth (lyrics)

Anberlin - Hearing Voices

in Him was life

in Him was life