September 20, 2014

MESSAGE "Mind War" {repost}

"Guard your heart.
Put a shield upon it, around it.
Guard your emotions.


There is a war, a battle; for your minds.
 It is the darkest, most vicious, most entangling, most complex, most hurtful, most effectively wounding; battle ever fought. It is mostly an unseen battle ... an invisible struggle, but still - VERY, VERY -  REAL.
It is the worst of all battles.

This war has your soul at stake. It has your peace, your joy, your happiness ... as it's spoils.  It does not play fair. It has evil intentions, always.

The war of which I am speaking is a spiritual war. It is fought in the air, up in the air;   as well as on the ground ... and in your very minds.  It is where many fall.

Many die in this war. Many are living, yet dead. Many are walking corpses, with brain death .. .and emotional death.


I say to you, 'Come to Me and I will give you rest ... My rest.'

I am well acquainted with grief, with sorrow, with depression, with heart-ache, with raw and brutal rejection. ALL of My followers forsook Me, at one point. I was left, abandoned, forsaken. I know how it feels.


Remember this ... I am with you always. I am near to you now. As you call upon Me, I will come to you. I come near to the broken, the brokenhearted, the lost ones, the lonely, the hurt, the wounded, the wounded warriors of all kinds.

I can offer you My peace NOW.
Take it, accept it, ask Me for it, cry to Me ... I will hear. I am willing to help. I am not a god that is afar off ... for I am as near as your beating heart, and as your breath of life.

I shower you daily with My mercies ... they are new every morning, including today.

I will bring good to  you, but you must be looking for it, and wait for it, sometimes-- .... for sometimes the good things ARE delayed for various reasons.


Wait for Me ... wait  for Me, says the Lord.
  I will come to you and rain down My grand and glorious treasures upon you, My people, My children, My followers, My creation.

I rain mercy upon the just, and the unjust ... the good and the bad. ALL will feel My healing rains ... My rain of love, My rains of mercy, of grace, of power, of truth, of delivering power!

I will repay evil, says the Lord. Do not fret, do not fear ... but be brave and of a good courage ... I will do that thing I have promised (you).

Seek Me while I may be found, for there is a time, a time of utter despair and thick darkness, when no one will be able to find Me, and  the door(s) will be shut.


Cease not in your pursuit of Me, yet take time to STOP and listen and wait upon Me ... for then I will have space, have room, have a window, a platform ... to "show off" !

I love to publicly show My 'wares' ... My 'tricks' ... My feats, My glorious works, My demonstrations of pure power,  My wonders untold, My miraculous abilities, My love, My kindness, My generosity, My skills, My giftings, My compassion ... and My Presence.

Yes, I like to be among My people in power.

 Let Me be myself, and I will show you all great and mighty things."

message 'heard' on 8:00am 2/9/14...& ending @ 8:13am

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in Him was life

in Him was life