January 25, 2014

Whiteheart - The Cry (+playlist)

"†There Will Be A Day†" Jeremy Camp

this one makes me cry

Voice of Truth lyrics - CASTING CROWNS

this song always affects me hard...

Casting Crowns - East to West

Casting Crowns - Slow Fade

Casting Crowns - Does Anybody Hear Her

Brandon Heath - I'm Not Who I Was

Jason Gray - Remind Me Who I Am (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY - "Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)" (Official Video)

for KING & COUNTRY - "The Proof Of Your Love" (Official Music Video)

Jonathan Thulin - Dead Come To Life (ft. Charmaine) HD

SHONLOCK - We Walk On Water (DON'T LET GO)

this song always gives me great hope...is so cool...so powerful...!!

Lonely Hearts - Aviad Cohen (+playlist)

Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home (With Lyrics)

a brutal hard, cold fact of life:   many people are alone....have no family... no friends (for many reasons)...they live alone...are on streets...in jails...are just alone, always alone..have trouble with socializing... have difficulty dealing with people / world...have emotional traumas... have emotional handicaps... have other problems that keep them alone/ isolated/ feeling rejected..... just thought i'd educate you...THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE>>>>THEY HAVE FEELINGS AND ARE HURTING

The Quakes- I Miss You

it's a lonely world...

Telephone Line

is there someone you should call?  or visit... or send a text / card / gift / money / bring food to / help them with something./ give a hug / just say hello ...????

P.O.D. - This Time

P.O.D - Goodbye For Now [+ LYRICS]

Bring Me The Horizon - Sleepwalking lyrics

Linkin Park - What I've Done (Lyrics + Trad. FR)


"History Maker" - Delirious

Is it true today that when people pray
Cloudless skies will break
Kings and queens will shake
Yes it's true and I believe it
I'm living for you

Is it true today that when people pray
We'll see dead men rise
And the blind set free
Yes it's true and I believe it
I'm living for you

I'm gonna be a history maker in this land
I'm gonna be a speaker of truth to all mankind
I'm gonna stand, I'm gonna run
Into your arms, into your arms again
Into your arms, into your arms again

Well it's true today that when people stand
With the fire of God, and the truth in hand
We'll see miracles, we'll see angels sing
We'll see broken hearts making history
Yes it's true and I believe it
We're living for you

Hall Of Fame - The Script feat. will.i.am (Lyrics)

K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

feel the tears, even from the first sentence sung... this is raw, honest passion for a song, for God

Hallelujah cover - Kari Jobe, Jamie Grace, Dara Maclean, Blanca and Nirva

Kari Jobe: We Are (Acoustic)

her eyes are sparkley, full of light, of the Spirit

Kari Jobe - Yahweh

FM Static - Black Tattoo (with lyrics)

Fm Static - Nice Piece Of Art - with lyrics

in Him was life

in Him was life