January 22, 2014

MESSAGE "Fear Not Little Flock!" (reposted)

"Fear not little flock...for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." - Luke 12:32, New Testament, Bible


"No longer must you live in shame.
No longer shall you live in fear.
Discard worry.
Renounce fear! Ignore the threats of the enemy.
*Still the avenger.*

Come close ... be quiet .... let My Spirit minister to you.
I comfort My children. Let Me bring calm and peace.


Purpose in your hearts to hear Me. Listen.
I am speaking. To you.
To all of you. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!

Perform only as I lead. 
Test the waters.
Do not be (overly) impulsive.
Do not go ahead of Me. See (hear) what I am doing.
Find Me.
Listen for Me. 
This applies to all who follow Me.

Set yourselves apart for My use.
For My good pleasure.
As I (have) need of you, you will be used.
(Will be put to use.)
I have My ways and My plans.
My plans are not those of man.


Scream from the rooftops My message(s)!
Sound the alarms!
Let My light be shown ... not be hid!
Cause all to hear .... both great and small.
Let My power reign victorious in the earth!
Let the skies be full of My angelic host!
I SHALL arise, says the Lord!
*Let God arise, His enemies be scattered.*


Pursue Me .... pursue your Lord!
Find Me ... in the deepest, farthest reaches of your world(s).
See Me everywhere .... see Me in the smallest matter .... for I am there.
When you look for Me .... you will see Me.
I will make Myself known to those who have (the) eyes to see Me.
Guard your hearts and minds.
Go on ... keep pressing on ... for I AM with you."


(Remember, to those who are starving for hope .... these words are a relief.
But to those who are 'full and have no need', they are ignored.)


Originally transcribed via spirit on 12/7/2010 @12:22am

still = to quiet, to shut up, to silence

MESSAGE "Can't Shut Him Up" (reposted)

"(So) put your trust in Me ...
 ... your God
 ... your Heavenly, spiritual Father.
Begin (or continue) to trust and believe Me.
I AM on your side!
I AM your Friend ... that sticks CLOSER, CLOSER than any relative, friend
 ... (even) closer than a dear brother.


Many of you do not know ...
 ... do not truly realize
 ... how much I really care and love you.

The religious world has deadened My love message.

They have attempted to turn My living words
- and My living Spirit -
into a dry, dead, empty, ugly, hateful, shameful, condemning mess
.... of a religious persuasion.

They have TRIED to quench Me....
 ... tried to SUFFOCATE Me
... TRIED to discredit Me
....TRIED to shut Me up
...TRIED to extinquish My fire
....TRIED to end all of My giftings
....TRIED to stop all miracles
.... and TRIED to ignore Me.


But --
 I am GREATER than all their futile attempts to rid Me out of the world!

Satan's religions are NOTHING in My Book!
They are dead, dead, dead.
They will die out very soon.

But, I, your LIVING GOD, will still be with you!

I will  STILL be on My throne
... I will STILL be the MOST HIGH.

... STILL."

######## from 3/29/2008
 (partial recovery of message/ page 1 is temporarily missing)

suffocate = to smother, suppress, choke, stifle

in Him was life

in Him was life