January 18, 2014

*Hi!* to my Russian friend(s)

Just want to say a special *Hi!* and thanks, to the Russian reader(s) on here... I noticed there is >>>ONE<<< viewer from Russia on here, nearly every day, for a very long time (!).....I don't know if it's one person, or several, but just want to say HI!!!!! Hope you are ok and hope God blesses you big -time!!!

Sander van Doorn - Right Here Right Now (Neon) [Lyric Video]

if you can, just love life right now!! love God, love yourself, right here, right now!!!! i send love out to ALLof you...!!!!  (ps.... the 'magic' is nothing, compared to the POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST...so, don't fear any 'magic'...God's people should be 10 times stronger than any magicians, just like Moses, Daniel, etc...!!...Jesus Magic....hahah!!)

Ed Kowalczyk - Heaven (Acoustic) HQ

Deliver Me - David Crowder Band (Video with lyrics)

oh God, deliver me

Obsession - David Crowder Band

my heart burns for You

You are my joy

David Crowder - All Around Me

david crowder band-church music - dance !

Dance if you're wounded 
Dance if you're torn into 
Dance broken open 
Dance with nothing to lose 

Dance when you're wounded 
Dance when you're torn into 
Dance broken open 
Dance with nothing to lose 

(Oh!) Perfectly free 
(Oh!) Dance if you wanna be 
(Oh!) Perfectly free 
(Oh!) Dance if you wanna be 

Change the world 
Change your soul 
Fill it up 
Here we go 
Here we go 

Oh His is a story that saves 
Majestic feel 
Feel it at a steady pace

Family Force 5 - Dance Or Die Official Music Video

Family Force 5 - Cray Button Official Music Video (Feat. Lecrae and Meek...

Family Force 5- Love Addict Official Music Video (High Quality Version)

Owl City - "Galaxies" Lyric Video

Crystal Lewis - People Get Ready (Lyrics)

be as ready as you can,... for you never know when YOUR time will be...♥

Missing Person- Michael W, Smith

There was a boy who had the faith to move a mountain
And like a child he would believe without a reason
Without a trace he disappeared into the void and
I've been searching...

He used to want to try to walk the straight and narrow
He had a fire and he could feel it in the marrow
It's been a long time and I haven't seen him lately, though
I've been searching for that missing person

Kirk Franklin - Revolution

Kirk Franklin - Stomp

(better sound quality)

Stomp - Kirk Franklin

JUMPING in the House of GOD

jump jump

Everything you ever wanted - Hawk Nelson (With lyrics)

i tried to be perfect... tried to be honest.... tried to be everything you ever wanted

FM Static - Dear God

how do I know You love me,..
when no one else, seems to care

FM Static - Take Me As I Am (Official Music Video)

in Him was life

in Him was life