May 27, 2014

MESSAGE "You Are Loved" {repost}

>>>>You are welcome here .... If you feel ALONE, LONELY.... If you have doubts, questions, fears, worries, are an atheist, an unbeliever, a harsh skeptic, agnostic, confused big-time, are jaded, are filthy rich, are famous, a celebrity, an unknown 'nobody', anonymous, invisible, wretched, are bored-to-death, are 'sick -of-it', bitter, cold, numb, feel dead, blind, near-death, terminally ill, handicapped, high- strung, wheelchair-bound, paralyzed, HIV-AIDS victim, feel lonely, alone, forgotten, rejected, in terror, misunderstood, addicted, drunk, stoned, high, low, mocked, warped, twisted, injured, maimed, humiliated, burnt, burned-out, suicidal, 'psychotic', in the dark, depressed, 'disfigured', a 'freak', a 'weirdo', a 'monster', 'ugly' (feel this way), diseased,
 chronically sick and in pain, nervous, sick, dying, abused, anorexic, bulimic, obese, 'fat', rejected, starving, desperate, in debt, psychic, schizophrenic, magician, spiritist, medium, proud, arrogant, vain, channeller, satanist, witch, sorcerer, diviner, seer, prophet, one with 'second sight', a 'listener', a 'watcher', a dream interpreter,


bipolar, autistic, are a punk/goth/rebel, reclusive, a cutter, bullied, depressed, eccentric, artistic, "shunned" by churches, weak, worn-out, tired, totally exhausted, living as an outcast, a 'loner', anxious, neglected, ignored, left out, isolated, poor, homeless, hopeless, has post traumatic stress, veteran, soldiers, in jail, in the hospital, angry, gay, bisexual, tortured, transgender, asexual, celibate, abstinent, sex addict, enraged, sarcastic, full of hate, a 'hopeless' sinner, a self-hater, in despair, an alien, a stranger, lost, possessed, multiple personality disorder, autistic, asperger's, mentally disabled, desperate, out-of-control, feel insane, etc; .... YOU are at Home here .... I (and others) accept you as you are, since GOD / Jesus / Holy Spirit / Messiah / Yeshua /Saviour / *my Friend* ... has accepted me (and millions of other lonely lost souls) over and over, no matter how bad I get! He still loves ME...and He also loves YOU !!!!!!!!

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in Him was life

in Him was life