February 18, 2014

MESSAGE "You Cannot Harness the Wind' (repost)

"You cannot harness the wind.

You call for Me to come ... But will you welcome Me?
You sing of My power ... But do you know of it?
Of the enormity, the magnitude?

You know not what you ask.


You resist Me and My wooings, just as your fathers did, for you are a stiff-necked generation.

I calm the seas and I calm the storms, the winds ... *but* I also stir up the seas, the storms (and) the winds.

My presence is often preceded by tempest, by storm.

I walk on the wings of the wind.

I am the ultimate 'turbine':  most powerful.

These forces can be either detrimental or advantageous.
They can bring cleansing or death.


So many misunderstand My movings.

They are accustomed to neat little church 'socials' and 3-day 'revivals'.

They assume, in arrogance and in ignorance, that *they* have Me -- that *they* have control of Me.
Not so.

How many 'clergy' and 'denominations' presumptuously and proudly boast of *their* 'god'?

(Who is this 'god'?)
I know not of 'their' god.


'Send forth the fires of revival', 'send the fire' -- you do not know what you are asking.

 (It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.)

'Send the glory! Send the rain! Send the power! Send the flame!'

 You do not realize (for) what you ask.


Are you prepared for My visitation?

Are you able to recognize Me when I come?

(For I visited in times past and many did *not* recognize Me.)

And when I come, will I find faith?

Are your prayers mixed with faith ... or with doubt?

Have you learned faith? Have you experienced faith?


For I control all:  the skies, the seas, the waves, the clouds.

I walk on the wings of the wind.

I am amongst the cloudy atmospheres.

I shine down from the heavenlies.

I come in the blazing glory of My sun ... and also in the darkest tempest.

Power, energy, vibrance ... *SWIRL* around Me.

Glaciers break before Me.

I carve out forests, canyons, valleys.

For the world is Mine and all that is upon it.

I own the cattle on 1000 hills ... and the beasts of the forest are Mine.

I know the fowls, the birds of the wild and all the creatures of the fields.

I know, for I designed and created them ... for My glory.

I also created man and woman.

Male and female I made them upon the earth.


Earthquake. tremor.

Shaking ... sifting.


"When the enemy comes in like a flood, the LORD will lift up a standard against him."- Isaiah 59:19b


The greater the battle, the greater the victory.

If nothing is fought for, there will be no victory, no spoils.

I am able and well-equipped to push back the enemy.

He is at My disposal.
My whim.
My fancy.

I can blot him out:  I am control of all, including your enemy.

I speak, he obeys ... he must.

He is My subservient to Me, the Most high.

He is My subservient.

He once reigned with Me in the Heavens, but he has lost his place.

He has fallen, fallen from My presence.

He has lost his glory.

He now (only) portrays a false glory: a dim glory of what he once was.

(Oh, how the mighty have fallen...).


Yes, Satan is a defeated foe ... I have had to thrust him (and his devotees) from My celestial garden.

He has lost his standing in My courts of glory.

His pride, his arrogance -- have befallen him.

What once was beautiful has become grossly evil.

Light has become darkness.

His choice--his pride-- has caused the fall.

Learn from his error. 

Pride comes before a fall.

Do not fall into this trap.


Instead, be wise and lean on Me ... lean on My everlasting arms

Cleave to the Rock ... the Rock of your salvation.

Hide yourself in Me: in the cleft of My Rock.

Anchor your feet -- your souls -- to My Solid Rock.


Honor and glory and power and majesty ... these are My attributes.

I will *NOT* give my glory to another.

I will not share My glory with anyone or anything ... with any person or any spiritual power.

I alone am God ... I know not of any other ... all others are beneath Me ... all others are false 'gods'.

They desire My power, My glory, My honor and My majesty ... but they cannot take My place.

I am the only God .. .the Most High God.


I am above all ... I am in all.... I made all.

I alone am Holy. 

I alone inhabit the Third Heaven. 

I am the Lord of hosts: of all the heavenly hosts.


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom ...

The awesome, fearful respect of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

Do you seek wisdom?

If you earnestly desire these things, you will be on the right track.

If you seek Him, you will find Him ... but are you truly seeking *Him*?

Or are you looking for your own version?

Your own preconceived idea of God?

Do you know of Whom you seek?

The secret things belong to the Lord.

The mysteries of all time are His.

He is a mystery. 

He is the Ancient of Days and the Messiah.

He holds the keys to hell and death, and also of Heaven's paradise.

(And eternal life with Him.)


So, humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord. 

Deny your fleshly -- (your) carnal desires --  that so easily entangle you and your days.

Break loose from your cemented mindsets.

Defy the established religious rules.

(Caution: Do *only* as I lead!)


My enemies fall before Me.

I am a devouring fire ... I am a consuming fire.

I clear a path before Me.

Whirlwinds, heavy gusts and hailstones accompany Me.

Therefore, do not blindly plead for My arrival ... for you are not informed, not truly comprehensive; of what that entail

My people *perish* for lack of knowledge.

Ask for revelation, for wisdom, for understanding, for information.

I see the truly-seeking. (I *seek* the truly-seeking.)

Wait on Me ... wait on My words ... wait on My direction(s).

I am waiting on you: I am waiting and watching.

I look down from Heaven to see if any desire to understand.

Do not accept the human 'status quo' of religion ... I am *SO* much more.


Yes, I am in the winds,
in the storms, 
in the waves, in the fires,
in the clouds, in the skies, 
in the lightning, 
in the thunder, in the earthquake.

So, again, I ask you ... Can you harness the wind?

I think not."

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in Him was life

in Him was life