August 7, 2013

MESSAGE "Even Demons Believe" (updated 8/9/13)

~~~ from a message 'heard' on 7/30/2013

"Today is a day of revelation (to reveal... to disclose, uncover, enlighten).

Revelation into matters of faith ... of life ... of living ... of love ... of loving ... of knowledge, of wisdom, of death, of eternal things.

It is a day, a time, a season -- of revealing, of unmasking, of (the) hidden becoming clear ... the dark becoming light.  From death to life ... from dark to light ... from evil to pure ... from defiled to forgiven.

Listen now ... as I speak ... I will give you words, wordings, messages.  I will open your ears, your spiritual hearing.  I will (also) give sight ... (a) seeing into (the) Spirit ... into things once hidden and buried.  I will open up (your) understanding.

I am here ... I am available to you, to those with listening ears and pliable hearts.

I am Here, My children, My precious brought-out ones .... you, who have been *set aside* unto Me, your Father.  I am seeking you now ... I am on the *prowl* ... I am hunting (searching diligently) for your hearts ... your minds ... your souls ... your spirits.



Will you listen (now)?  Will you hear (Me)?  Will you quiet yourselves ... will you learn to hear (Me)?  Will you silence your noise for Me?

Select (choose) this day ... THIS DAY ... who(m) you will serve, whom you will turn to ... yes, you can choose.


-longer pause- (noise interference)

Don't gamble with your soul.  Make it a sure thing.  Cement Me into your life.  Give your death to Me, for I am The Author ... as well as The Finisher.  I am the Guide you need ... I am your Guide, your God, even unto (until) your death.

Death comes to all.  Will you be *with Me* at that time?  Do you know?  Do you care?  I am available to you ... NOW.  You can choose to accept Me ... or (to) reject Me.


At a moment's notice, a person can die ... go into the eternal realm.  It is appointed (set, planned) unto man (all humans ) once - ONCE - to die ... yes, you each have a set time for your demise (your death).



Many will say (at their death) to me, 'LORD, LORD ... I am here' ... and I may say 'I never knew you'. 

Be that *NOT* the case for you.  Let it *NOT* be a sad ending .... let it be JOYFUL ... in Me ... with Me, your Saviour {Jesus}.

I am a Revelator ... a revealer of (the) secrets of men's hearts.  My WORD is a discerner ... a barometer ... a standard ... a sign of men's (human's) hearts:  their motives, emotions, deep things.



I will show Myself strong to those whose hearts are *perfect* toward me.  This *perfection* signifies a complete trust, a child-like faith, a total surrendering (to Me).

My Father and I show Ourselves unto those who honor Us ... who humble themselves ... who are contrite, humble, broken, crushed.  A broken vessel needs the Potter's touch.  A marred pot (jar, vessel, person) needs the Master Potter.


To become more complete,  more *perfected*,  more finished .... the broken, incomplete, marred pottery will need to *go through the fire* .

The little vase (the small, shattered pieces) will need to be refired, refined, resurfaced, remade.  This is the work of the Potter .... the Lord in your lives.


He will take you ... He will lift you up ...


He will  hold your hand and say,  *Fear not, for I am with you ... I will rebuild, restore.  I will bring newness to things that are dead, that are hopeless.*


Scale back in activity.  Resist urges ... resist the busy flurry of activity ... sit and rest ... sit and listen ... walk with Me ... walk and be still ... sit, walk, listen.

Listen upon your beds.  Shut out the noise, the din, the clamor.  Shut off all that interferes. Shut down your lives for Me.  TURN off all the noise, the clamoring, the incessant volume.

Be still and know that I AM GOD.  Listen to this silence.  Listen to this peace.

Now ... this is revelation.  Peace.  Stillness.  Quiet.  Solitude.  Come away with Me ... come away to be free ... let your mind be still .... be quieted in My presence.  Let the din / the noise / the loud stirring ... be shut down.


Strength comes from love.  Love comes from Me.  I am Love.  Be strong -- be strengthened -- in My love now.


Rebellion brings misery, mistakes, foolishness, selfishness, regret, remorse, guilt, shame, consequences, legal woes, anxiety, stress, undue pressure(s) and mental strains.

It is better to obey than rebel.  Obedience is better than (any) sacrifice.  Trust in Me and obey My promptings, My commands.  Do not kill. Do not covet.  Do not have idols.  Do not lie.  Do not commit adultery (in heart or action.)

Do not have other *gods* .... and do not steal.  These are basic commands, yet the most important is to have love.  Love your neighbor(s) as yourself.  In doing so, you (will) fulfill all the other commands.  Love covers a multitude  (many) of sins, of failures.


My supernatural love can cause even the worst of enemies to become friends. It is just so.  Never give up on My love.  I do not give up on you.  I will finish the work I have begun in you ... (and) I will deliver you from every evil work.


Resist the Devil ... and he will flee (will be repelled).  If you give in to him (Satan), then he will be able to remain in your life.  If you open the door (spiritual portals, openings, gaps, breaches) ... then he will glide in ...effortlessly. He seeks a place to dwell -- he and his demon horde.  They look for open, empty spcaes to inhabit.

Demons.  Yes, demons.  It is a subject often ignored, dismissed, frowned upon.  The demonic is often laughed at in churches.  It is not an easy topic.  It is one usually avoided, discarded, discredited, unknown, mysterious, avoided, neglected, pooh-pooh, mocked, laughed-at, ridiculed, belittled, thrown away.


The idea of demon spirits is ridiculous to many churches and to the modern world.  It has been able to flourish in this atmosphere ... in this environment of unbelief.  Where there is no knowledge, the people perish. Lives perish.  Souls perish.  Dreams perish.  Demons destroy ... (they) kill dreams, lives, health, minds, churches, relationships.

The Devil comes to steal, and to kill and to destroy.  He is the Deceiver ... the father of lies.  He is the Tempter, who allures, tempts, seduces and traps.  He is a Murderer, killing all in his path.  He is the Accuser, turning men against each other.  He embodies wickedness, evil, darkness, death ,...
-pause-  ... devastation. Ruin.


He is the great destroyer, the killer of man, the great Evil One.  He is there, seen and unseen, working his (the) diabolical amongst the world. 

Yet, the world loves him.  They crave evil. The unrenewed adore him.  They put up statues for him.  He is their heart, their desire ...

He (Satan) is indeed the 'god of this world'.  He walks up and down (through the atmospheres) upon the earth.  He is the *king* of many. He rules with deftness, deadly accuracy, point-on strategy.  His unseen army is hard-at-work ... deceiving, mauling, raping, evangelizing, creating chaos within (seemingly) beautiful order(s).  His way is to utterly deceive ... and he does it well.  (Does his job well.)

Satan turns men against each other.  This is key.  This is how he operates ... for a house divided cannot stand.  He knows the power of simple unity.   He knows that when even two or three are gathered  (agreed together) in Jesus' Name ... there He (Jesus) will be.


Yes, even the demons believe ... and tremble.  That is a significant fact.  The demons believe in Jesus Christ.

While the world sleeps and disbelieves -- and even many churches are asleep spiritually -- the demon spirits are very aware.  They believe, they KNOW ... they know that He -- Jesus -- is alive, and real, and Most powerful.

They know He is more powerful than they are.  They cringe, shudder and quake in His presence.  They flee (fly away, diperse) when He speaks.

They cower in fear at His Name, at His power, at His glory.


Come out!  Come out from among them, says the LORD.

Come forth as a believer, as a seasoned warrior.  Set your sight(s) upon Me ... upon Me, your war-Lord, for I will be your Captain in this war .... I will shield those with My Blood upon their sins."


James 2:19    "You believe that there is one God; you do well: the devils also believe, and tremble."

Matthew 12:25    " But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand."

Matthew 12:43   "When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none."

Hosea 4:6a    "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected

and ...

Matthew 18:20    "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them."


cower  =  to cringe in fear;  shrink back

pliable  =   easily bent or shaped ;  receptive to change; adaptable: easily influenced, persuaded

flourish  =  to grow luxuriantly;   thrive;  to achieve success;   prosper

perish  =  to become destroyed; ruined; to die or be destroyed through violence; to pass away or disappear

deftness  =  being quick and skillful; dexterous; nimble; clever

simple =  basic;  having -or composed of- only one thing, element, or part

mauling  =     to injure greatly; to do much harm to;  to wound in a coarse manner


MESSAGE "Treacherous Ground" (reposted)

~~~Message from 12/13?/2008
About 5am

{I keep hearing in my mind-spirit: "You are on treacherous ground." I had had some harassing supernatural events happen just before this.}


"You are on treacherous ground. Dangerous territory. You have ventured into enemy properties.


{hard to hear}

Despite hardship, you have prevailed against the enemy. You have not *abandoned ship*. You have fought the good fight.

Yeah, strength will rise as you wait upon the Lord. I renew your strength as you learn of Me. I am your strength when you are weak. When you are fragile, broken, hurting, wounded, dumbfounded, befuddled, aghast, desperate.

Seek Me while I may be found. Call upon Me while I am near. I am close to those with broken hearts. I see all your tears and hear all your prayers.

I am not a God that is far off...but I am near to those who humbly put their trust in Me.

Do not try to *muzzle* Me, limit Me, contain Me. I cannot be contained, withheld, controlled, or bought. I am not at your *beck and call*. I do as I please. I am the Sovereign Lord and I rule all things.


If you *dabble* in the dark arts, you will pay the price.

The cost of idolatry is high. The wages of this sin are astronomical. I do not *wink* at sin as you may think. I do not gloss over all devilish

Yet, I will forgive... and I promise to cleanse all who truly submit and turn back to Me. I stand by My Word.

Jezebellian powers need to turn away from deceiving controllers. They must trust Me and believe (that) I am their true King. The one they serve is a liar, and does NOT have their best interests at heart. Their leader (Satan) wants only to kill, steal, and destroy.


Seemingly *senseless* acts of violence are born into the bosom of evil. They are forged in the fiery furnace of (the) darkness.

{ Note: Yes, *darkness* is a metaphor for evil; it implies nothing towards skin color or race.}


Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord... and He will lift you up. Humility is the lifeline (for) which I seek. Throw out the lifelines! When I see the broken, contrite man, I will stop. I will go to him. I will rescue. One may be broken by Me...and may be ever in My arms.


Your leaders speak of climate change. I look for spiritual change. Where is (the) repentance? Conviction for sins? Where is (the) compassion for lost souls, heading for a Godless eternity? Where is the unfeigned love, shown to the *least of these*?

And...where are My children, whom I seek? I am (like) an expectant father, watching for births. (I see many stillborns in the spiritual realms.) I long for My babies to be born.

It seems many of My babies have been aborted: both physically AND spiritually. They are cut off from life before they have been fully developed. This must not be.

Keep praying for these infants to be born and to grow into completeness. TRAVAIL...pray earnestly and with force of My Spirit. I will help you (to) accomplish this.


Some of My born babies have been stolen. They have been cruelly *adopted* into enemy camps. They must be recovered. Many of these prodigals will be escaping and finding their way home ... back to their Father. Do not dissuade them. They are My pride and joy.

(For) all who come to Me, I will in no way cast out. I will not turn away the seeker. I will wash away the filth and grime of the unclean, and I will clothe them with pure robes of My righteousness. I will put a RING of My royalty upon their fingers ... and I will host a feast for them.

A celebration. A vibrant gala. A time of rejoicing. This will be at the end of the age ... but many smaller-scale celebrations are scheduled before that time!


So be happy in My freedom, especially when the lost are found and the sons return home.

Keep your eyes upon Me: listen for My calls: My invitations. I seek and I save the lost. I am searching for all hungry souls to come and dine with Me, at My table. I will be your HOST. Come and dine."


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in Him was life