July 1, 2013

video~ "Farther On" - Russ Taff

MESSAGE "Farther On"

~~~ from 6/29/13 @ 3am

"Farther on.

You must go on ... farther on with Me.  You are in a good place (with Me), but I am bringing you further:  farther with Me.  I hope you will be obedient and trust Me, even if it is with blind, unknowing trust.

This will be a strong testing of your faith.

(Writer's note:  This is for several - or many- people...not just me.)



I am honing your skills.  This includes your *listening* abilities, as well as sight.  I am giving new visions, new dreams, new sight. 

You will hear more ... you will see more.  I am expediently speeding things up (for you / and others).  Watch, listen, receive.  Be a hearer.

I am constructing a new life (for you  /others) .... one in which faith is key:  is more vital (important, necessary) than before.

Think it not strange when you go through (or come upon) these new, *strange* ideas, experiences and situations.

Many decisions will be made, primarily to:  1) obey or 2) disobey.

 By ignoring Me, you will be disobedient, unwilling, unfaithful, in fear.

  This is not My plan, for I desire child-like, simple trust in (for) the best.  I give you My best, as you give Me *your* best.

Your best effort will pay off. 

Your endurance, perseverance, diligence and patience will indeed reap large rewards.  I see all motive(s), desire(s), secret(s), fear(s), doubt(s), need(s), faith, attempt(s) and failure(s).  It is *ok* to *fail*!


If an honest, heartfelt attempt was made  .... and (a) failure or error encurred (happened, resulted), then I see .... and (I) understand.

I am not a hard *boss* !  (I may distribute difficult tasks, but My heart remainds soft towards My children.)

I am your Best Boss.  I am fair, I am wise, I am considerate, I supply resources;  I distribute ability:
 talent(s), skill(s). 

I do not command what cannot be accomplished.

And ... I give generous *salaries* ... eternal benefits, rewards, promotions, Heavenly positions ... in My kingdom!


So ... do not fret over (your) life ... over (your) employment ... over (your) *calling(s)*.

 I will supply all your needs ... according to My riches in glory in Christ Jesus."


honing =  to sharpen;   to perfect or make more intense or effective; to move or advance toward a target or goal;    to direct one's attention; focus:

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