May 26, 2013

MESSAGE "War for Souls" ( Especially for Leaders of any kind)

"Prepare for war.  There is a war coming and you will fight. My church, My bride, My people ... prepare for the coming intense battle, for things are heating up.  Tempers are flaring, bloodlines are angry.  The devil, the evil ones ... are *ramping up* their games....their strategies of attack.  Be on guard.  Be aware.  Be sober-minded.  Be on alert, for what may come.  It is in the works, in the planning stages, but it is an evil plan to kill ... to harm ... to destroy.

Let your spirits be refreshed, be renewed, be My presence.  Seek for Me ... listen for My voice.  Listen, heed My words, My warnings. I am not speaking in vain.

I know the times, the seasons. I see what is being prepared... a fierce offensive, a sharply-honed battle for souls. Many will fall, if not readied.  The leaders are needed now. Leaders! Awake! Arise from your slumber! Be awakened now. Be on watch now. Be ready.  Be strong, in Me. Learn of Me.  Lean on Me.  Cleave to My very side, as it were.

Yes, many will fall by the wayside, into the ditches, if indeed they have no wise, sighted, sure-footed leader. My shepherds must re-learn their leader skills ... their shepherding hearts must be given back to them. They must grieve over the hurt inflicted on My lambs ... on My vulnerable sheep and lambs. Leaders! Leaders! Come back to your forsaken flocks. Heed My voice. Be free in free and able .... able to watch now, able to guard, able to lead past to lead the weary flocks into places of rest.

The flocks have become weak, diseased, flat on their backs with exhaustion. Some are infested, others are soulishly-afflicted, even demonized. They moan, they bleat...they cry and wail...out into the dark night. They cry for a gentle shepherd to find them, to bind up their raw wounds, to breathe life into them once again.  They are searching for their lost guides. Where are you, oh man of God?  I am searching for you. I am calling you. I call you by night.

My hand is with you ... I am even near you as you bask in your sins and luxuries ... your dainty meals and wild evening adventures. I am near, following you ... as you slip into the arms of the women you yearn and lust after. I hear your *neighing* after your neigbor's wife ... your close friend's wife. It is not hidden from Me.

Yes, I see your adultery, your unbridled thirst for sexual lust ... lusts upon lusts ... the pictures, the photos, the movies, the magazines, the adoring looks of arousal. Yes, I am not a blind God. I made the sexual organs and the sexual appetities, yet not for this.

I did not intend (for) man to lust incessantly after many women (or men...or children...or animals...or relatives).   I designed man to have one partner ... one wife, one helper, one true love.  Sadly, sadly and mournfully, this has not been the case. I see the ways (that) you partake of. I see the acts of lasciviousness, lewdness, of violence, of rape, of dirty minds. I hear the profane words that proceed from your mouths.  The mouth was meant to foremost be a place of blessing your God. It was not to be for cursing, slander, or profane utterances. It is sad to Me, yet I understand, and I am able to help the willing. I can help (you) to change your ways....even the worst offender, the most vile. I am the God of the impossible, of the bedraggled sinner, of the hidden sinner.

Yes, I can forgive. Yes, I can deliver from emotional ties and spiritual messes. I am well able to help. But, the man (or woman) must be willing, must be desirous of change. If none is wanted, none is given. The evil will overtake you, it will oppress your mind and control your body. It will be guaranteed to RUIN lives. It will give relentless torture in the mind, the emotions. It is not worth the pleasure.  Someday you will see My words are true.

I am here, I am near to you, My broken ones, My tortured ones, my lust-filled ones. I am your meek Father, your gentle Saviour ... I am here ... I  am here ... in your spirits ... speaking, pleading....crying for each of you.  Oh man, turn, turn back to Me.  One step toward Me will speak volumes unto Me. I see that first step. I see you. I am waiting for My frequent prodigals. I have My arms open wide to welcome them in.  Come home, My sons, My wayward daughters ... your Father, your Papa, your Abba is here. I am here. Rest."

####### Message received  on May 26th, 2013 @ abt 5:10am

in Him was life

in Him was life