May 22, 2013

MESSAGE "Stuck In A Rut"

~~~  from a message heard 1/7/2005

"You are wallowed in the mire.


Yes, you ARE stuck.  You are *wallowed*  ... you are *wallowing*.  This is not to say that your situation has been YOUR choice.  It has not.

The life circumstance you find yourself trapped into has been long in the making.  It has not occurred overnight,

{wallowed = drowning, trapped, sinking, stuck;  to flounder about or along clumsily  or with difficulty and struggle}

(Yes, of course, some choices you have made have obviously been unwise, in retrospect ... but I am referring to your general station in life;  in humanity.)

{I hear:  }


Do you not tremble at My Word?  at My Presence?  at My wrath?  Is there not a fear - a respect - of Me? Do you not honor Me?

A righteous man (or woman) WILL tremble in My presence.  They WILL shake.  They WILL fall ... on occassion.  They may even laugh and roar and howl.  But it (the manifestation) is not always a true indicator of My presence.

I will NOT be mocked.  Those who mock Me, (try to) copy My way, ridicule Me,
  ...will be judged.  You have been fore-warned.


Grace be (unto) to you ...

Magnificent, indescribable, free-flowing grace  to you ... to all of you!  (My) grace cannot be bought.  It cannot be earned.  It is priceless.  One cannot put a pricetag on such a valuable commodity.  It is a gift .... an ever-present, continuing gifting.  From Me to (to each) of you.

I, your Father, delight in giving My children gifts (unexpected surprises) and giftings. (Skills, talents,  favour, opportunities).

Many desire the gifts, but some will not receive (them).  Hold up, hold out - your hands to Me .... for I will shower you with My gifts.
{Writer's note:  Some are supernatural signs, wonders, etc.}

As you freely receive from Me, also give (and offer) to others in need ... those with desire of Me.

Trust and obey.

-Selah pause -

Use your wealth wisely, or it will dissipate and disappear.  Use your money as I have instructed. 

Luke 6:38    "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."

I love a cheerful giver.  I reward the generous, but turn away from the greedy.  Be a giver.  Be generous in all areas of giving.  Prove Me now, says the Lord ... see if My *method* does indeed work in your lives.  But, give with a cheerful heart.  Do not give merely to receive:  this is a wrong attitude.


If you are one of My sheep that is wallowing, or drowning and sinking ... then listen!

I, your Father, am more than able to lift you up and out of the mire .  (Out of sin, sickness, self, demonic stronghold, traps, etc.)

Did I not say I would *raise the poor up out of the dunghill* and seat him with the *princes of My people*?

I am your rescuer.  I am your refuge .... your strong tower ... your high tower .... your way of escape.  NOTHING is too difficult for Me:  NOTHING.

Faith is your life line.  Faith will send a signal to me that you believe Me, need Me, and trust Me.  Humility and persistance will activate your faith.  (As will My tangible, felt, strong anointing power.)

Cry out to Me from your broken heart(s).  I see. I hear.  (And I DO care.)  I am able - and I am willing- to save you ... to rescue you.

Be encouraged and be of good faith. Stay strong in Me, in your Lord. Press on to your high calling in Me.  Fight the good fight of faith!

Run the race that is set before you!

When you are weak, I AM strong.  I am a strong Saviour.  See Me as I am ... in all My glory.  Learn of Me ... seek Me ... for I am your way *out*.

I am the only way that is sure, that is eternally secure.  You are safe with Me.


Comfort the weak (feeble minded) in their minds.  Strengthen the weak among you.

Confess your faults, your errors, your misunderstandings .... one to another ... with tact ... (and) with wisdom.  Don't force anyone to *like* you or to *marry you*.  You are not your own, you are Mine.

 I will help you in ALL arenas of life, but first you must be firmly established on My solid Rock.  If you are living on the *sand* ... a house of sand ... you will easily fall and be bruised.  If you aren't cemented (in the spirit) to the Rock (i.e; to Me, your Lord), than you will be easy prey for the enemy.  You may fall and be wounded.  (Many of you already have experienced this.)

If you fall, come back!  Come back to Me.  I love you.  I am your forgiving Father!


Do not fear the looks - the high and haughty looks - of humanity, of man.  They will answer to Me.

Yes, this world is very dark, very cold, very evil. BUT ... BUT ... I am come to bring you out ... out of the mire of the world's ways.  (Out of the world and into My arms, into My sheep fold!)

Not only will I bring you up and out of the muck and mire (sin, evil, sickness), I will also clean you off!

So ... confess your sins to Me.  Confess your faults ... admit and *own* the trouble you find yourself in.  (It's no surprise to Me ...I am not shocked ... I am only grieved when My people lie and deny their deep needs.)

Did I not admonish My people (Israel) to *humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways*?  This is foundational.  Repentance precedes ANY revival ... ANY deliverance ... any healing.  (Any time for lasting change)


Cast your care upon Me, for I DO care for you!

I will make a way where there appears to be no way out!  I will - in My timing - make a way of escape.  This is My promise.  Look for My ways;  don't settle for less.

P.S.  Don't be so hard on each other .... give room for growth and mistakes.  Mistakes come with learning.  My grace covers it all."

####### end of message

in Him was life

in Him was life