April 25, 2013

video~ " Sick Of It " - Skillet

Are you sick of it?


MESSAGE "Unrestricted & Unexpected""

~~~from 7/13/2007 @ 10:35am

"Treasure My Word.  It is more costly than fine gold ... it is more valuable than (the) pearl of great price ... It is desired above all things ... for my Word is Me.

So, Seek to know Me, to know Me in ALL My glory;  in ALL My magnificent splendour.

Yes, I am the risen King - the King over ALL kings - I am the great I AM.

Yes, I appeared to Moses and to Solomon ... and I still can appear today ... I am still alive ... I am that I am.

So, determine to still seek Me ... to continue in your quest for Me, for My presence ... for My magnificent glory... to see Me in the sanctuary - as well as to see Me in the streets ... in the bowery ... in the slum ... in the ghetto ... in the tenement.

Yes, you will see Me in unexpected avenues and venues ... for I am not restricted to a steepled chapel ... I move as I desire, WHEN I desire - NOT as man dictates.


{new subject}

A curse causeless will not light, will not take root.

Be careful not to open doors of entry for curses, for destruction.

You negate My blessing as you swim in sin - your momentary pleasure brings disastrous results.

Sin is deceptive and so ensnaring.  I hate sin.  I hate what it does to My people, to all My children.  Leave sin alone ... leave it.  I will help you to be free.

I desire the best for you."

######end of message

MESSAGE "Walk the Line"

```from a message heard on 7/12/2007 @ 3:35am

"Walk the straight and narrow.  Don't go to the left or to the right ... stay on the path I have designated for you.


My SPIRIT will carry your spirit ... and My joy and virtue (energy, power, life) will (then) filter out to your body and mind.


I lift you up on wings as eagles ... soaring up high ... into the heavenlies.  Under - and upon - My wings you will go.

Under the shadow of My wings you will be safe ... protected from predators.  Cleave to Me, for I am your safety.


Purpose in your heart(s) that you will walk with Me;  that you will walk by My side forever ... for that is My plan for you.  (plan = desire)


Stay on the narrow path, for great and wide is the way to destruction.  My way will NOT be popular with the worldly crowd.  Many *follow the crowd* to their own disaster;  their own demise.

Stampeding multitudes are in a race towards hell.  They are truly the blind, leading the blind;  for they will both fall into a ditch.

Surely My pathway is lonely, often harsh and bitter, tempestuous and treacherous ... yet it is the way to truth.

The easy, acceptable, wildly sought-after path (is one that) leads to destruction and eternal seperation and misery.  My ways are NOT your ways.

You may seek to please men AND your God, but that is nearly impossible, for the two are incompatible.  The LORD knows who is His (and who is the Devil's).


Though there (may) be darkness all around, search for the ray of light."

####### message ending @4:02am

video~ "Take Me In" - Kutless

Take me past the outer courts
Into the Holy Place
Past the brazen altar
Lord I want to see Your face
Pass me by the crowds of people
And the Priests who sing Your praise
I hunger and thirst for Your righteousness
But it's only found in one place

Take me into the Holy of Holies
Take me in by the Blood of the Lamb
Take me into the Holy of Holies
Take the coal, touch my lips, here I am


Awesome modernday American worship rock

video~ "Never Gonna Say Goodbye" - Guardian

But if your eyes could see how much you mean to me
You take my hand, my love could set you free
And I'm never gonna say goodbye
I'm always standing right by your side
And no matter what you do
You know my love belongs to you
And I'm never gonna say goodbye
And every day of life seems a little bit colder
Waiting for love in the pouring rain
You can cast all your cares upon my shoulders


video~ "King of Angels" - Whitecross

 Christian rock....very good song

video~ " Lead Me On" - Amy Grant

This was the very first Christian music video I had ever seen


video~ "Carry Me'' -Legend Seven

video~ "He Is Strong" - Mylon LeFevre

This was one of my most favourate songs when I first got saved


"When you are weak, He is strong..."

video~ Russ Taff - "Down In The Lowlands"

Another great one...these songs have helped me a lot !


video~ RussTaff - "I Still Believe"

One of the greatest modern songs of belief in Jesus Christ!


video~ Idle Cure - "Holy Mountain"

Great song...I used to sing this alot...love it!


video~ "Satan You're A Liar" --B.J.Thomas

in Him was life

in Him was life