February 27, 2013

video~ "I Am Second" - Brian "Head" Welch

He had a real encounter with the Holy Spirit ((of Jesus Christ!!))...now delivered from drugs !!!!!!!

MESSAGE "Do Not Presume"

~~~from a message heard 9/25/2009


"Be aware (be cognizant) of the frightful power of your God.  Yes, He is often gentle and quiet .... (but)
at other times He is loud, roaring, thunderous in (His) might.

Rapturous.  He is rapturous - as One that lifts up into ecstatic realms.  A rapturous delight He is.  Divine joy.  Divine privilege.  Divine light.  Divine and Holy.

Light as a floating feather ... and massive as a crashing boulder. .. is He.  Gentle as the baby lamb... yet strong as the fierce lion ... is your God.

A bubbling brook;  (and) thundering waterfalls ... both describe Him.  Like (as) a featherly butterfly, He can be.  Or (as)  a violent tempest, both are He.


You (human) cannot presume His powers ... (you) shall not predict His movings, His Presence, His workings, His manifesting of Himself.  He is. He was.  He will be.  He acts sovereignly.  He is sovereign ... above all.

His grace is not to be tampered with.  Accept it with humility;  keep it by His grace.  Never assume His grace;  but gracefully accept. Without repentance, assumption is lethal.  Don't follow those spewing promised words of *easy grace*!  It is not so.


To those who know...  and who twist and turn and spoil My Word;  they shall receive the greater condemnation.  To whom much is given, much is required.  YET ... I will forgive.  My eye is not turned away from those who seek Me and humble their lives before Me.

WARNING:  Do not presume to know My will .... nor My words.  My ways are NOT your ways, as I have said.  The way(s) of man seem right, but the end is death.  Deception is a lie.  Lies lead to death.  Come clean before Me.  I will accept your repentance.  Turn away from following false ways, ways of man, ways of religion, and ways of self.


Joy comes in the morning.  Joy comes in the dawning of a new day.  Joy - My joy - is strong.  It is a strength to you.  Let My joy fill you today.  It is akin (like) My peace. 

My joy and My peace supercede the natural (world/human) sphere.  It is the joy that brings peace, that gives hope ... that indeed;  truly strengthens and nourishes the soul.  It is power and food for your souls.

(My) joy is not haughty, nor proud.  It is not controlling, nor loud (necessarily).  It is not demanding, (and) not controlling.

My joy is from above.  My joy is your strength. Be strong in your LORD ... and in the power of His might.  Be joyful in Me."

####### message ending @3:43am (24 minutes) 

video~ "So Far Gone" - Thousand Foot Krutch

Beautiful, awesome love song to the Lord...His love is real... (and could be a love song--  to a human love too♥)

MESSAGE "Love = Power"

~~~ from a message heard on 10/15/2009 {God's message to His straying Church/ His followers.}


"I am jealous for your love.


I look for you.  I seek you.  I wait for you.  You are busy, distracted, away, preoccupied.  I miss our talks.... the way we used to commune together. 

I see the busy-ness, the hours spent with other interests -- other loves -- and I am saddened.  My bride has become a harlot, of sorts.  She is *playing the field*, so to speak.  She is a spiritual adulteress.  She has left her first love.

She has left Me.  YOU have left Me.


Just as a man loves a woman;  a husband loves his wife, a parent loves their children...so I love you.  Yet, I love you EVEN MORE -- more deeply -- than human love.


I will call you back.  I call you back to Me. I am a jealous lover.  I am a jealous God.  I am searching for (all) My first-loves.  I am calling each of you back to the fold(s).  I am your Sheperd. I am calling back My sheep ... wooing them back to Me.


Turn to Me ... and I will turn to you.  Draw near to Me ... and I will draw near to you.

Seek Me ...  and I will be found.  Seek me with all your heart ... all your strength ... all your mind.

Come to Me, all you that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

Pour out your complaints to Me.  Pour out your hearts to Me.

I will extend My tender , tender  mercies to You.  I will offer forgiveness.  I will bring My kindness and My unfailing compassion.

I will offer you My love -- and My love will cast out all your fears. I AM love.



I am your shelter.  Your refuge.  Your hiding place.  Your strong and high tower.  I am your resting place.  I am your salvation.  I am your Saviour.  I am your God.

Pray to Me ... in this time whren I may be found.  Call upon Me now.

I offer eternal life.  My way is life.  I am Life.  ("In Him was life...")

I am (have) come that you might have life, and (that) life more abundantly.

Seek Me and live.  I am the joy of your life...  of your lives.  I am your joy-giver.  My joy is your strength.  My joy is *unspeakable* and *full of glory*.  Hallelujah!

Cast all your cares upon Me ... for I care for all of you.  My mercy endures (goes on) forever.

With Me, ALL things are possible.  I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith.  I am able to *make a way* where there indeed seems to be no way out.

I am your escape.  I can deliver My righteous ones out of temptations, snares, traps.

My Word is power.  Praise to Me is power.  Living by My ways is power.  Love is power.  Patience is power.  Humility is power.  Obedience is power.



Dust off your Bibles.  Read about Me.   Learn of Me.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good".

 Call upon Me.  Cry out to Me.  Seek Me in silence.  Wait on Me.  Wait for Me.  Wait with Me."

video~ "Thinking About Forever " - P.O.D.

Set your mind on things above:   the permanent, the eternal, the invisible...for one day it will be your reality

video~ "Broken Heart " -Falling Up

Jesus is near to the broken-hearted

in Him was life

in Him was life