February 25, 2013

MESSAGE "Diabolical/Pan Is Busy"

~~~ from 4-5-2009 @ 6:24am

{wait, listen...}

"The day of the end is near.  Prepare your hearts.  It is a time of slaughter ... of bloodshed, war, violence.  Unprecedented violence.

Turmoil erupting.  Tempers flaring.  Genuine distress.

Diabolical.  Siftings.  Upheavals.


Structures being dismantled.  Fires.  Earthquakes.  Excess of gluttony, of imbibement, of *pharmacia*.  (pharmacia = drugs and sorcery)

Shameless sensuality.  Perverseness at an all-time apex.  (apex = high point)  Total chaos, at times. (seemingly)

Distrust of fellow man.  Power *trips*.  Power struggles.  Cover ups. 


Ambivalence.  -pause-

Priorities quashed. (squashed?)


Fulfillment of prophecy.  The day is drawing near.  The dawn approaches.  Hoofbeats are heard in the distance.  War clouds are gathering.  Trumpets are being readied.

Take (up) your shield and your sword.

Make ready, for the day WILL come.


Consider it ALL joy when you fall into diverse temptations.  These trials are for the perfecting (completion) of the saints.

Endure hardship like a good soldier.  My saints are afflicted much.  (Yet they trust, they trust.  They trust in Me.)


All glory to the King ... to the King of kings!  Honor Him.

Honor the King with your firstfruits.  Give unto the LORD.


Beware.  Diabolical *riff-raff* is at work.  *Agents* of the enemy lurk covertly.  Their purpose is to destroy.  They are *hell-bent* on destruction.  Such are the congregants of (the) darkness.

Little is known (to you on the earth) about (concerning), these *dwellers of darkness*!  It is an unpopular sermon topic.  Few dare to (truly) tread onto this ground.

Front-line warriors take (the) offensive.  They go AFTER the foe.  They are courageous, valiant, dependant on their corps, well-trained, observant, seasoned,  quick to hear, obedient to their commanding officers, loyal, fit (for the work;  for their assignment), and courageous. (courageous is listed twice)

Fearless. Bold.  Quick.  Steadfast.  Observant.  Good eyes.  Good ears.  Selfless.  Willing to lay down their lives for others.

Persistant.  Enduring. 


Ready IN season ... and OUT of season.  Bold as lions.  Gentle as doves.  Wise as serpents, harmless as lambs.

Expert warriors.  Skilled. Well-versed.  Know -  and recognize - true power and might.  Can detect authentic from fraud.

On alert.  On watch.  Men of prayer.  Acknowledge sovereign God among men.  Bow their knee to their LORD.  (Lord of lords,, Jesus The Christ)


A good soldier can handle (his) weapons with deftness and effiacy. (skill , ability, and efficiency)  Hecan use (the) proper weaponry (needed) for the assignment.  Different tactics are deployed for WARFARE, as needed.

Always *on-call*.  Prepared.  Armed.  In rank.  In step.  In unison.  In one accord.


Divine matters ... affect human matters. "


matters = actions, situations, decisions

Pan = Satan, the devil

in Him was life

in Him was life