January 31, 2013

Tree63 - King (with Lyrics)

King of kings and Lord of lords...♥♥♥...our great and gentle King of love

Tree63 "Treasure"

He is my Treasure♥ ...and...YOU are His treasure ♥♥... let me run with You...

"Treasures in Heaven" -- Burlap to Cashmere

I saw you crying...♥

"Richer Than Oprah"

~~ From message heard January 1, 2005 

{Writer's note:  I kept hearing this sentence in my spirit, over several days:  "You are richer than Oprah."}


"You are richer than Oprah.

Yes, Oprah has much wealth.   Much power.  Much authority.  She is outrageously successful, blessed and rich.  She controls many with her prestige.  She is one of the most influential people in the world today.  We all know this.  You know it...it cannot be denied.  Oprah is rich.  Oprah is compassionate, to a degree.  She rides on the tails of the world.  She is a mover, a shaker, a catalyst.

Many admire her... many worship her.


I love Oprah.  She is precious, kind, merciful.  She has love, devotion, mercy, grace, wisdom, authority and respect.


Yes, you are richer than Oprah.  You are rich in Me.  You are rich in faith.  In patience.  In hope.  In mercy.  In forgiveness.  In love.  In mercy.  In repentance.  In yielding to Me.  You are rich indeed.

You (and all My children)  have treasure above all earthly wealth.  You are wealthy in the Spirit ... in My Spirit.

Many poor in the earth are rich in Me.  They possess (the) hidden riches:  the extravagent wealth of My love and My secrets.  They strive (labor) not for the worldly mammon (wealth),  but for the Heavenly manna.  They are not of this world:  not controlled, not owned;  by the world system.

You see, they are not really *poor*!  I have chosen many so-called 'indigent' to be extremely rich in My Royal Kingdom!  Many *beggars* will be kings in My Heaven.


The things of this earth are passing away .... they are temporal ... they rust and fade away.


Yes, the pomp... the fashion , the styles, trends, fads, beauty, possessions, and status... will soon be gone... forever.  Only what is spiritual will remain and continue.  What do you value, oh world? Are you rich HERE... or will you be rich THERE ?

 I dearly love Oprah.  I desire her to know Me.  I desire (for) her to be in My Kingdom.  She knows some of Me, but not all.  I need her to know (Me).


Yes, the world and its riches are passing away.  Only the spiritual will remain.  The flesh is vain.  Only love will endure in eternity.  Money will profit NOTHING... only what was done with the money will matter.  Hearts   -  hearts open to Me -   are much more valuable than money.

Oprah is worshipped now, but what will be her fate in the future? Will she accept Me and be BORN AGAIN?  Donald Trump?

It is appointed unto all men ONCE to die ... then the judgement.  All must give accounts of their lives here.  The MOST important question will include one's decision:  have you chosen Me, My Son, My Spirit?

(Or) are you trusting in this world, in sin, in Satan, in self?  Don't perish with your pennies.  Don't let the *god of this world* (i.e. Satan, the Devil) deceive you!

He is NOT your friend.  He is your worst nightmare.  He is eagerly awaiting to take you - to escort you -- straight to hell. Hell forever. No money.

No status.  No admiring crowds.  Nobody near you.  No friends.  No money.  No joy.  No hope.  No Jesus.  No Heaven.  No light.  No peace.  No Holy Spirit.  No angels.  Just total darkness.


HELL.  Think about it.  Think about it, Oprah. Think about it, all you rich in this world.  Good works will NOT save you.

Your money is worthless in hell.  You will not be a *star* anymore... you will be in misery, in torment , in agony, in loneliness,  in darkness,  in pain,  in burning,  in isolation ... FOREVER.  This is a hard concept to accept ...  none-the-less, it is true .... to all who willfully reject Jesus Christ My Son.


In contrast, those who HUMBLE THEMSELVES and ask Jesus to come into their lives and (to) forgive them, will be accepted by Me (Father).

I will send The Comforter:  My Holy, Holy Spirit, to indwell them.   HE will glorify My Son and will lead them into all truth.  He will tell of things to come.  He will comfort and He will bring peace. 

He is the Spirit of peace.  Let My peace -- My Holy pure peace -- rule in your hearts and lives.

Take Jesus as your Saviour and He will become your Best Friend!  He loves you.  (WE love you!)  (We are Family...)

*WE* are the Holy Trinity:  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  WE LOVE YOU.  We care for you ... deeply and earnestly.  We contend (fight) for your soul(s).  We, as Three, are LOVE.  We love you.  (And We love Oprah!)


Better is ONE DAY in the courts of the Lord ... than thousands anywhere else!

Riches and honour and glory and power and majesty:  all (are) attributes of the Lord Jesus Christ!  He is the King of kings and Lord of lords!  Alpha and Omega!  First and Last!  God's Holy Son!  Our reigning King!  Our Redeemer!  Our Glory and the Lifter of our Heads !  He is our Ransom: His Blood paid the price to cover all our sins!

He is mankind's great hope!  He is our Lover:  our eternal Lover and Friend... that sticks closer than a brother!
(sticks =  sticks with you ; stays, remains;  is loyal and faithful;  does not leave or abandon;  is intimate and knows us deeply)


He is our Peace!  He is the Bright and Morning Star!  He is the Lion of Judah!  He is the Great I AM !  He is the Author and the Finisher of our faith!  He is the Victor!  The Champion!  Our great Prince of Peace !  He is Messiah !


Life WITHOUT Jesus is futile.  Empty.  Meaningless.  Life equals Jesus.  He IS Life.  Without Him, there is only death.  Choose Life.  Choose Jesus."



"Married? Not!"

~~~From a message heard on April 20, 2007 @3:34am

"I did NOT marry Mary!  This is yet another doctrine of demons.  If it were so, would I not (have)told My disciples?  Would not this 'fact' be recorded in history and in My gospels?

Twisting, deceiving, lying, fabrication.  Who does this?  You know....the father of lies. (Satan)  He loves a lie and loves to tell a lie.  Lies are his biggest 'achievement', and he is very good at what he does. 

He is a master manipulator...counterfeiter and *con artist*. 

He has many tricks up his sleeve.  His wiles are clever, fanciful, and witty...but they cannot outdo My ways.  My wisdom makes his connivery pure foolishness.

He is a strong, intelligent, savvy, on-target enemy.  But...I am aware of all the strategies.


My Heavenly Host stands at attention, awaiting dispatch. 

*** {Jesus or Angel speaking here?}

I am the Captian of the Royal Host and we are a mighty army.  We are to be contended with.


Our infantry:  our troops;  are mighty in power and unmatched in majesty.  We are the Most High army.  We are the *armed forces* of the Highest.

We battle in the skies, in the heavenly spheres, and also upon the earth.  We move in and out of atmospheres and of heavenly levels.

Our course is set by the King.  His directive is our command.  We follow His lead.

If the King speaks, we listen.  We hear Him...we hear His Word, and we act accordingly.

Our purpose is to serve the Most High Jehovah... and His Most Holy Son...the King of all kings.


We are empowered by His Most HOLY SPIRIT.  His SPIRIT indwells us and empowers us to do mighty exploits.  We are sent on missions to earth daily."



connivery =  give aid to wrongdoing;  to cooperate secretly (with someone) in wrongdoing;  schemery

fanciful =  exhibing fancy;  quaint or odd;  imaginary;  unreal;  bizarre

fancy =  a mental image;  imagination  (from root word for fantasy)

clever =  bright mentally;  having quick intelligence;  able;  quick-witted

witty =  amusingly clever in perception and expression

exploits =  a striking or notable deed;  a feat;  a spirited or heroic act


in Him was life

in Him was life