January 9, 2013

Kutless - Strong Tower (With Lyrics)

He is my strong tower...shelter when I'm weak

"War Games?"

~~From 12/29/2010 @9:15pm

{Writer's note:  I have no idea when this may happen...I just write what I hear. And I do not know (for) whom this is meant for .}

"There is rumbling in the Middle East.  War games have begun.

Prepare for battle, the Lord says.  The lines are drawn.  The weapons are prepared.  It will be a day of slaughter.  Pray, My people...pray.

Pray for minimal casualties...the least amount of deaths.  Pray for quick concessions. (compromises)  Pray for ability to foresee danger...for awareness of strategies.

Pray for qualified, wise, in-touch leadership.  Pray for all to cry out to Me... their Rock of defense.

Yes, I am a srong (and high) tower to all who (put their) trust (in) Me.  I will be a covering and a defense:  a *bulwark*, as it were --- a shield, a refuge, a shelter...A refuge, a way of escape...to those who are Mine.

Whether by life or by death, I will be their God and I will show Myself strong (with) in them.


Send forth the troops.  Let the enemies beware.  Let the shout be heard.  Shout and sound the trumpet from on high!


Strip the oceans.  Mount the hilltops.  Secure (your) boundaries.  Stand firm and fight for (your) ground.


Discipline (your) troops.  Remind them of (the) danger.  Speak clearly and speak forcibly.  Be firm in (your) directives.

Soldiers:  obey without inquiry.  Trust (your) leaders.  Show respect and stay in rank...Foir I am your General in battle.  I am leading you.  I am prparing the way(s) before you. My host (angelic) is with you --  is among you.

Form an alliance with Israel.  Stand with her.  As you defend her, I will defend you.  You stand...or fall...depending on your loyalty to Israel.  This is My will.  This is My way.  It is not for you to understand at this time."



in Him was life

in Him was life