October 14, 2013

MESSAGE "Magnificent"

~~~ from 5/25/2005 @ 1:13am

{Begin to *ponder*, get quiet and listen...
Immediately I *hear* in (my) mind:  "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."  (Psalm 119;105)
Then I hear the following...}


"Glory to God in the highest ... Praise His Name forever more...

Glory!  Glory! Glory! 

Alleluia ... He reigns on high ... He is Most High ... He is King over all ... He deserves our praise.  He is magnificent:  beyond words.

His grandeur is most illustrious ... most Holy... most beautiful ... glorious ... and resplendent.
{illustrious = highly renowned, famous, glorious, luminous, bright}


Come near, come near.  My child, draw near.  Enter into My courts ... drink from the Holy fountain ... in the wellspring of Life eternal!

Enter into My joy ... into My land ... My kingdom ... My domain of exquisite pleasures beyond compare:  Holy treasures and Holy pleasures ...
to you ... from your Heavenly Father.

(He) delights in pleasing His children. He wants them to realize His extravagent love for them ... He desires (that) they see His encompassing wisdom over their lives.

(The) Father is joyful when His children seek Him and forsake all others.  He covets their worship.  {covet = desires earnestly}


(The) Father does not desire any to perish .... He wants them to know of His deep, rich, covering of love and concern.  He says to tell them of His endless mercy and rich, expansive compassion.

His heart is full of love:  the unique and lasting love of the Father, as demonstrated by the Son.

As you have seen (the) Love in the Holy Son, so also is that Love in the Holy Father (and) The Love is demonstrated to us by the Holy Spirit.


God is love.

Plain and simple.  The devil is evil:  that is part of his name.

God is good:  good is part of HIS name.  God is good and God is love.

Many of His children do not truly know His love and kind affection.  Many do not completely trust Him.  Most have been taught false beliefs.

The truth is good.  The Father is a good Dad.  He is much more concerned than earthly fathers.  His love is amazing.


His love cannot be measured.  The Love of the Father, the Son and the Spirit are outstanding:  beyond *human comprehension*! {He's *out of this world*!...refering to the Father}

He also is jealous.  He is jealous when His creation seeks other gods, other loves, false idols.  He wants a pure, complete devotion.{pure as in totally devoted to Him}

He sees how others treat you.  He wants the best for you!

One love.  One God.  One Father.  One Son.  One Spirit.  So is the Trinity.   {Three-in-One}


Realize who you are.  You are divinely CONNECTED to the Maker of the universe!  You are in a real, living relationship with the Creator of the world, the skies, of Heaven!

He loves you ... He really loves you!"

####### message ended @ 1:36am

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in Him was life

in Him was life