September 8, 2012

video~ Switchfoot--"On Fire"

"Day and Night"


"A day to the Lord is as 1000 years.


His time is not our time. Spiritual time is not (as) earthly time. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. He is above, we are below.


He sees in the night as (if) it were daylight. He has *night vision*. We cannot hide from His eyes. What is done in the dark may be hidden from man, but not from the Lord. He sees it all. We cannot hide from Him. He is everywhere, knows everything, sees it all.

Some (may) feel protected - covered- by the darkness. They use it as a cloak. Many mistakenly believe they are covered by nightfall, as they prepare their activities. They are seen. Like a satellite in the sky, God sees what they do.

God also knows (their) thoughts. He is a mind reader. He is more thorough than any psychic. He knows all (of) our thoughts...all our human minds. He knows what we will think before we even conceive it.

The devil knows a lot about humans as well. He has vast powers, but never as powerful as Almighty God. The devil employs (his) demons...his *staff*. They often use deception, lying, suggestion, imagination and illusion. The spirits are acquainted with people and their ways. They observe, watch, copy, imitate and masquerade. They are *familiar* with you, with us...with God, with Jesus. They are mimics.

Mediums, psychics, tarot readers, channelers, spiritualists, diviners...all use (or are *used* by) the phenomenon known as familiar spirits. They are familiar with families, with human behaviour. They are false.

The familiars work closely with the dark artists. They provide the material, the names, the habits, the special knowledge. They may take on the form, the appearance; of a deceased relative. They may copy the voice, the timbre, the tone, the joking, the special wording ...things and sounds known only to the person asking for their "help".

The familiars, or the *liars*, are responsible for leading many astray: into deeper confusion and deceptions. They are easy to find, easy to *channel*, and easy to be tricked by. They are NOT real. They are NOT your dead family members! Don't be fooled.


Don't (just) believe every spirit you hear or see. They are not all "nice". There are bad and good spirits. There are evil, dark well as My holy, good angels. Many people, angels, and spirits claim to be in the *light*, but this is not (always)so. Seek the truth. Don't allow tricksters to lead you into error...or grave danger (in the spiritual realms.)

Many will say, 'Lord, Lord'...and will give prophecy, (may) cast out demons, and so forth....but (may) not be from Me. There are many avenues of false teaching and erroneous leaders, both IN the churches and without. (outside churches)


In the end of days, many false Christs and false Messiahs will rise up. It is a sign of the end. Do not fall prey to this nonsense. It only leads to more and more confusion, strife, conflict, and ultimate desstruction of the soul and spirit. It leads to eternal seperation from Me....from the Truth...from Love.

If any would follow Me, they will find love, joy, peace, hope, freedom and wisdom. I am not the author of confusion, but of peace. My light shines in the darkest of hearts, when given the chance. Call upon Me and I WILL answer you...and will show great and marvelous things....Yes, I will!

Do not lean on your own understanding. Do not depend on the human ideation. The mortal cannot rule (what) is immortal. The clay cannot mold the Potter! The ear cannot tell the Creator it doesn't want to hear. Let the One who made you show you what He wants....what He is...what He is doing...what His heart is...what He feels...what He has for YOU.


Stay with Me...cleave (cling, stay close) to Me...find Me wherever you are. Look for Me, anywhere, anytime...(for) I am not bound by man's timepiece. I am not a puppet in the hands of a mere mortal man! I laugh at this! My times are not your times. I have better ways, better ideas, better outcomes. I have GOOD things prepared for those who seek Me...for those willing to let go of their (own) ways and practices and traditions and mindsets. I am that I am. I am.

I will not be reduced by the world, by what the doctines say (that) I am. I am higher, more powerful, more adept, more able, stronger, wiser, kinder, more merciful...and more knowing - in ALL things. Let Me guide you, let Me show you the way...the ways out, the ways of escape, the way not taken by the crowd. Come away with Me, go to the quiet place, find Me.

Find Me."

####### (Message dictated on September 8th, 2012 @ 1:14am)

in Him was life

in Him was life